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Monday, March 31, 2014

My Easter Blooms ..

Hello my dear friends,

I haven't been creative in what seems such a long time so a few days ago I took the time to do so and with Easter just down the road I chose to make my first Easter creation for this year and I am hoping there will be a few more.

I had bought a tin egg filled with candy last year some time but never used it in the end due to the fact that I just couldn't think of what I would like to create with it and I still haven't so far but that didn't stop me from buying another tin egg from Michaels. Again at first I had no idea what I was going to make with it but I wanted to have it just in case.

Shortly after I decided what I would create using the egg or rather half of it.
I had a song in my head since a few weeks now from Alice in Wonderland. It was the song that the flowers sing about themselves and there was the lily of the valley part which played in the back of my head. Being into crocheting quite a bit amongst doing other things lately, that's where my mind went next but not only there. I remembered beautiful Victorian Easter postcards I had seen at the antique store just recently too.

All these bits and pieces of information all went into a pot and I started stewing them together for a while until everything was perfect and the image of my first Easter creation was in my mind. All I had to do now is to make it.

I begun by crocheting little pieces that looked like tiny bowls and I can tell you it wasn't easy. They were so small and my eyes are not what they used to be.


 I was using a 1 mm crochet hook and very fine yarn.  I am so happy they worked out just the way I wanted them too ~ my little 'bowls' were smaller than a cent piece.

 Once they were done I needed to starch them so they would keep their shape. Being impatient as I am and with no starch in the house and not a fan of white glue I remembered my Mama telling me about how she used sugar water to starch her doilies ~ so that's what I did. It didn't take long and my little 'bowls' were all starched and dried.

Thing were now slowly coming together.

 I prepared the egg half and then took to the finish I wanted it to have. A few more bits and pieces needed to be found and then it was done!

As so many times before I found it hard to choose which photos to share with all you lovely bloggers so I shared them all!  I hope you will enjoy them.
And now I  excited to share my newest creation with you ... 

... My Easter Blooms.

As you can see I made wire and crochet little Lily of the Valley with leaves made from painted drop cloth.

I just love this crackle finish so much!

My vintage violets were just perfect for this creation.

I am thrilled about the way this creation has turned out and I hope it made you smile a little.
I am hoping to be able to create one or two more Easter creations if I get time to do so and of course I will share them with you.
So ...  do stop by from time to time here at Todolwen.
 You never know what I might have been up to!
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Just exquisite! Such fine work, and imagination. Two of my very favorite flowers.

  2. Beautifully creative. Love those tiny Lily of the Valley blooms.

  3. This is simply stunning. Very inspiring. Every detail is so perfect. Absolutely love the little lily bells. Does look like a vintage postcard. Thank you for sharing and have a creative week. Pam

  4. I can not believe how creative someone can be. It is so beautiful and unique.

    Admiring regards from Germany

  5. Beautiful! It made me smile,love those tiny lily blooms.Be blessed,Jen

  6. My goodness, how teenie, tiny those lily-of-the-valley flowers are and beautiful! TFS

  7. Absolutely exquisite from start to finish!

  8. Oh my stars!!!! This is the most exquisite creation. Who needs Faberge'.. I'd rather have one of these beauties of yours.
    p.s. I used to "starch" my can-can petticoats with sugar water... a bit before your time! Big in the late 50's. My grandmother gave me one for Christmas, probably when I was 10.

  9. This Lily of the Valley Easter Egg is so unique and beautiful. Your crocheting talents are amazing. Creative Egg Bliss...

  10. WOW...So gorgeous..Beautiful creative piece your tiny flowers are amazing..the attention to detail is outstanding... Love it all.... Hugs May x x

  11. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and so Creative.

  12. Just GORGEOUS Karen!!!! My goodness, I am amazed that you created beautiful lily of the valley blossoms!!!! So very beautiful dear friend ~ I love everything about your wonderful assemblage! xxoo, Dawn

  13. Oh, Karen, your Easter creation is absolutely gorgeous! You're so creative to bring all those fabrics and flowers and your own beautiful crochet work together into such a beautiful piece of art. I love it!!!

  14. Hi Karen...this creation is incredibly pretty! I literally gasped when I scrolled down to the first picture showing the completed project! Oh my, those crocheted lily of the valley 'bells' are SO wonderful!! And look so wonderful with the rich velvety purple violets. So glad you didn't edit your photos down to only a few...loved looking at ALL of them :-)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment!


  15. Karen- such a beautiful Easter decoration-- it looks like a photo from a vintage Easter postcard:)

    The crochet lily flowers are priceless-- you've done a wonderful job on this little creation-


  16. Qué belleza, eres muy creativa. Una auténtica artista.