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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ashleigh's Roses ..

Hello my dear friends,

last week it was my daughter Ashleigh's birthday. She wanted a smaller birthday with only a few gifts and that's what we did ... pizza and scrumptious cake and a few gifts.
My baby girl and my son-in-law.

This was one yummy cake ...

 ... caramel chocolate cheese cake with pecans.
We had such a nice time together!

  I hadn't actually put any thought into creating her something for her special day until the morning of it. I think it was because I didn't just want to make her something without a meaning to it but then out of the blue I had this lightning bolt of a thought shoot into my mind of a very neat creation I could make for her that would bring childhood memories back of when she was a little girl just with my little twist to it. 
When Ashleigh was little the Disney movie 'Beauty and the Beast' was one of her favourite movies so my idea was to create something that plays a part in the movie for her but as I said to make it my way. When you see the next photo you will know, I am sure, where I am going with this.
These are the roses we gave Ashleigh last year for her birthday.

I hung them to dry and saved them for her until the right day came to give them to her again and that day has come now.
I took many photos for you to see my newest making and few words to go with them.
(I am sorry if some of the photos are slightly blurry but I haven't managed to take good pictures yet of things under glass.)
I am so happy to share my latest creation with you today ... 
'Ashleigh's Roses'.

I must confess that I just love the way this creation turned out ... the perfect gift in every way and my daughter loves it too! 
Thank you for visiting me at Todolwen again ~ it is so nice when you do so and I would love for you to come back some time again.
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind my dear friends. 
Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. What a perfect gift - I always love to hear of your thought process! How is the craft room re-organization going? Have productive day. Pam

  2. Such a beautiful gift, made with love and thought.

  3. ....wow the gift that keeps on giving! Ya gotta love it, eh? Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

  4. Oh what a beautiful gift!
    I love this movie too.

    Greetings from Germany

  5. Such a lovely couple! Happy birthday to your DD - and I'm sure she will love her birthday gift all the more because you made it.

  6. What a sweet and charming gift you've made. Love it. A beautiful couple too. And OOOHHH that yummy dessert!!!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful Karen! and so many wonderful memories it will hold for Ashleigh! ♥

  8. Segur que va ser un dia molt feliç per la teva filla Ashleigh!
    Una abraçada

  9. Oh Karen, this made me cry!!! It's so very precious and beautiful, I bet your daughter is in love with it!!! What a wonderful gift ~ you are so talented dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn