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Monday, March 10, 2014

For A Good Cause ..

Hello my dear friends,

 last Fall I sold my Victorian chest that we used as a coffee table in our living room.
Not only was it our coffee table but also my fabric chest. With it now gone and since it had been far too long since I took stock on what I had, I did so.  

This was my fabric chest ... it is an English antique and from the 1800's that I bought the UK shortly before we returned to Canada. It was a beautiful piece but at times you just have to let some things go to keep and treasure others and that was the case with my chest.  
The last time I went through my fabric must have been almost a year ago when I tried to sell some fabric that I didn't want or need anymore at 2 of our garage sales and I had also advertised it on Kijiji (a website like Craig's list) but nobody wanted it unless it was free and I was being so reasonable with my price too, so it went back into the chest.
This time I was going to go about it totally different.
 Firstly I needed to check yet again which fabric would be still be useful for me. After that was decided and my daughters took what they wanted. I ended up with quite a lot of quilting fabric that I just didn't see the need to keep anymore. Some of it I had bought over 15 years ago in Medicine Hat, Alberta whilst we were stationed just outside of it on a Canadian base with the army but never got to create with it and some of it was even older.

  My first thought was donating it to a school but unfortunately schools don't teach young girls how to sew or quilt anymore here in Ontario as far as I was told. I also, thought of our local woman's shelter but that didn't work out neither.

Then one day I was driving down a road when I noticed a small quilting fabric store called ...
 'Corner Stone Quilts And More'.

I must have driven past it many of times and never stopped to go inside and take a look. That day I did and I met the owner who is such a lovely lady named Judy.
We got chatting and I mentioned my fabric to her that I had and how I wanted to donate it so it could be put to a good cause. She then told me about a local quilting guild that made quilts and gives them to sick children and adults in our town and right away I knew that this was the perfect place for my fabric.

That was some time late last year ...

... I never got around to actually getting back there until last week when I was out doing chores.
 I had packed up the fabric which made two large bags and drove to visit Judy who was very happy to take my heavy bags off me. Not only was she happy but so was I because I know that people who care will create something beautiful from my fabric and it will be given to someone that will love it.

My little 'mission' was accomplished but before I left I took a look around Judy's lovely store. It was filled with beautiful fabrics and more which including buttons. Of course one set of buttons caught my eye right away and I didn't leave without them.

And these are the buttons ...

I think I ready know what I am going to cerate using them too but that's not going to happen for some time since these are Christmas buttons and I haven't even had time to think of any Spring creations yet.

But I wasn't ready just yet to head home even though I made the attempt to do so. I was just about to drive out of the parking lot when a new little store caught my eye. It was a scrapbooking store which was new to the area and again I had never noticed it before. I couldn't not stop and take a look and I am glad I did. A lovely couple had opened it up just a few months ago and it was a neat shop and in neat shops you tend to find neat things ....

 ... like this!
I have wanted pins like this for a little while now and now I do and am happy about it because I just love it when simple little things bring me joy. I wish you all a little simple thing that makes you happy!
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day.
Karen B.


  1. Those are sweet buttons and pins. Little things to brighten your day. I'm sure the quilt guild will make good use of your fabrics.

  2. It's wonderful that you found a good home for your fabrics where they'll do so much good for someone else. I like your pretty pins.


  3. Sometimes in life you met the right people at the right time, like you met Judy.
    And the buttons from her shop and the needles from the scrapbook store are so sweet.
    Maybe you take some pictures of the shops for me next time?!
    So I can shop with my eyes :-).

    Greetings from Germany

  4. Such a wonderful thing you did donating the fabric! Lovely buttons and pins.Be blessed,Jen

  5. It is always good to give to others and then somehow we receive even more than we give. Buttons and pins...very fun for creative endeavors. Joy and Peace...

  6. What sweet buttons and pins. So glad you found a good purpose for all that fabric. My mother helped out at local church making quilts from mostly donated fabric. I think she probably had donated quite a bit of fabric herself, having been an almost life long home sewer. It's so nice when we can find a good use for something we no longer need.

  7. Isn't it wonderful to be able to be relieved of the burden of fabric that is still useful, and finding the right place to give it where it will do the most good??!! I LOVE that feeling.
    I also love your buttons, they are so sweet, and those pins....WOW...can you tell us the manufacturer so we can order some for ourselves? They are gorgeous, and since I LOVE hearts!!! I would love to find some for my sewing room!
    Thanks, Karen!

  8. As I was reading this post I was thinking about suggesting a local quilt guild and I see you found one. They often do charitable projects and are always grateful for donations of fabrics. Your pins are gorgeous, btw!

  9. Oh my goodness, what beautiful pins, Karen! I adore them. And how lovely to have found someplace where your cloth will bring such happiness and comfort to people. I have bags of fabric that I have to sort through this summer, and I hope I have the same diligence you do to give it up and pass it along!

  10. Love the pins! I just found your blog and am enjoying visiting. I'm your newest follower!!

  11. Hi Karen, thank you for donating the fabric to your local quilt club. I belong to a quilt club and we have made many quilts for needy children, cancer patients and our military, all made by donated fabrics. Thanks again. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

  12. What lovely pins you found! It's wonderful what you find when you take the time to explore a bit, and these are just lovely - and so fitting... you gave from your heart, and the world recognized that. What a wonderful post Karen, and good luck with al your plans for the year. What you are proposing to do sounds very much like the plans I have been making for our home!