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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Year To De-Clutter ..

Hello my dear friends,

"to 'de-clutter' ... to clear a place of unneeded/unwanted items/things/clutter"

I am sure I have told you before about a program that I used to watch some years ago called 'The Life Laundry'. It was a program about helping people that had a lot off clutter for many different reasons. (Please don't compare it will 'Hoarders' because it was nothing like that at all!)

 I used to love watching it because of the outcome of when you sit down and really put thought into which things are important to you in your life and when I say things, I mean stuff.

When we used to be in the army I would do a 'de-cluttering' every time we had to move, which was every 2 to 4 years normally. Since we moved back to Canada I have tried to do so again but I have not quite gotten there yet. You know when you look at something and say ... 'That might be useful ~ I better keep it.' That has happened a lot the past few years now and last year just after Christmas I decided that in the new year I would really give it my best in not only de-cluttering but also organizing our house too and redecorate it as much as I can on my own. I used to do this all the time when my husband was in the army and away so I am going to hopefully be able to succeed this time too.

2014 going to be a busy year for me because what I have in mind won't be done in  a week or two. It might take all Spring or maybe even longer. I started to redecorate some of our house last year but never completed my set challenges and that's why I never shared any of it with you but I am hoping that will change this year.

I  am so excited for this challenge!

 I have picked the room I will work on first, which is my studio and I have started already. I think it's the best one to start with because the suns shines so lovely in it's window in the morning (if it's not snowing again) and just makes me feel so good. Once all the sorting out is done, the reorganizing will begin and hopefully a new coat of paint in my new favourite color ... 'grant beige' from Benjamin Moore, will also happen. After that I hope I will be up to doing room after room and I just hope I will stick to this challenge as good as I did with our back yard one.

 Talking about backyard ... I still have our riverbed to complete this year too and I am again so excited when it is done! We already had a lot of work done on our willow tree last fall but I will share this in a future post.

Another thing I am planning on doing this year is to donate everything with possibly a few exceptions, that is leaving our home to a good cause. I have done garage sales before and I get annoyed when people are wanting good items for nothing especially dealers. I have been in touch with Habitat for Humanity and other charities and now all I have to do is get everything ready to be picked up. As you know my first mission is done which was my fabric.

I can't wait to get stuck into this challenge and see how far I will get. I will take photos along the way if I don't forget and share my progress here on Todolwen. Fingers crossed there will be a lot of it.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Karen B. 


  1. How exciting for you! I went through a bunch of stuff last fall due to a mold problem in our house.The house just feels so much better now that it has less clutter.Hoping to start in my craft room soon,painting and reorganizing.Best of luck on your challenge.Blessings,Jen

  2. Sounds like a fun challenge - it will be a lot of work, but so worthwhile in the end. Don't suppose you want to come over here and help me once you're done??

  3. Oh the fever has hit us all ! I was going to have a garage sale but............think I might just donate to a charity also....leftovers usually get boxed up and go there anyway. With our iffy weather sometimes it is not fun. Garage sales are a LOT of work. Takes me 3 days to organize the garage after winter.
    Hoping for Spring it cannot come soon enough. Have fun and Good Luck...I think the secret is to stay Motivated.

  4. On these mild days the same yearning comes over me, Karen, to clean out, rearrange, paint, reduce clutter. (And yes, I agree that dealers like to 'buy' our left over things for far less than they are worth... much better to donate it to someone who truly needs it.) Wishing all the best with your year of decluttering. Sounds like you have a lot to do but the first step is wanting to do it, I think. (Wish me luck, too!)

  5. Good luck in seeing a different, brighter, lighter environment! I have older sisters and all want to leave their children with no big "messes" to have to clean up, so I hear this a lot. Two more years to work and I will be there with you but for today will start working on the basement. Much to give away!
    I wish you a future of truly cherished items and room for much love.
    Thank-you for the beautiful BLOG and look forward to your journey,

  6. My head is spinning with all the projects I have to complete in the next month and then 2 months. I can not even think beyond that!!!! Hope you have a wonderful spring adventure! Dianntha

  7. Bless you for donating to those less fortunate. I refuse to have any garage or other type sales and have people expect to get everything for nothing. I think 10 cents on the dollar is quite generous. Now I would rather just give it all away and know those who truly need are benefiting. Blessings...

  8. I'm doing the same thing Karen! I'm filling the house with bright colors, and plan on keeping it fresh and clean! Also weeding out what I won't use or don't want. It's a good feeling, isn't it!