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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A New Neat Fabric ...

Hello my dear friends,

 shortly after my Valentine's fabric was sent off ...

... and I thank all of you who bought it, I went back to Lens Mill for some wool I needed. Not only did I find the wool I needed but I also found an other beautiful fabric just like the Valentine's one but this time it is with an Easter/Spring theme! Of course I didn't leave the store without buying their last panels of it but unfortunately I haven't had the time yet to create anything from it because I am always busy it seems but hopefully I will think of something neat to make with it soon. I might actually make another lavender sachet or two again with it but I am not sure yet.
And this is the fabric ...

... I have taken pictures for you to be able to see most of it.

Each panel has 24 labels and one is nicer than the other and they are all different from each other again too.

So neat all the bunnies and lovely flowers!
I have 5 panels of this fabric and I will be listing them in my Etsy shop on ...
... Thursday, March the 20th at 8 am.
The same conditions apply like the last time. Unfortunately I won't be able to reserve any panels and it is one panel per customer please ~ it just makes it fair for every one. I hope you again understand this. I would like to please everyone and make everyone happy and I try hard but some times it's just not possible.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Karen....
    really....I MISSED your selling some of the valentine's fabric????!!! I looke all over for it and I missed that you were selling it in your Etsy shop....Can you hear me screaming and crying??? I hope not...the screaming would be at myself for not checking back with YOU! I am going to set an alarm on my phone. So I don't miss THIS fabric! Now I will have to look back at your posts to see what infor about the Valentine's fabric I missed! Ah, drat!
    your creations are beauties! you are so talented!

  2. Gorgeous fabric...I can't wait to see what you create with it... Hugs May x x

  3. La roba és preciosa, seguro que en veurem coses molt boniques!
    Un petó

  4. A very nice fabric!
    I will be here to see, what you will make out of it.

    Hugs Ines♥

  5. This is such a sweet fabric. So was the Valentine version. Maybe I'll be on the computer soon enough this time!!!!! Thanks so much for buying it and offering it to your lucky bloggers.

  6. What absolutely beautiful panels these are.......... lovely - you are the lucky girl for finding them and kind for sending them out to your readers!

  7. Oh, those panels are just so dear, Karen! You're so lucky to have them in a store nearby. I can imagine all the lovely little gifts one could make for Spring and Easter.