Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Girl Has Gotta Do, What She Gotta Do ...

Hello my dear friends,

in life not everything will go the way you would like it too as I am sure many of you know.

Little things, big things, important things and not so important things. When that happens, instead of being unhappy and annoyed about it these days, I am trying more and more to just work with it and/or change something to make it somewhat better. This can at times take a lot or a little effort to do so and it might not always work out after all but it is always worth a try. That is what I am working on myself right now with one of my past creations. I thought and thought about what to do and just  told myself basically "a girl gotta do, what she gotta do"!

You know when you are all excited about something and you get a little too carried away with it?!
In my case it was making my Alice in Wonderland nests.

 I loved the idea of a "themed" nest so much that I just got all wrapped up in it, making several of them which ended up being too many. I didn't realize then that it was sort of "mass producing" my nests which I now know wasn't and isn't the right thing for me. So there I was, I had all these nests and didn't know what to do with them. I sold a few, I had reserved one as my "Christmas To Come" giveaway gift but then I still had some left. Well, there was no point in "crying" about it right?! So instead I am trying to work with it. Make lemonade from lemons or at least try too and that is exactly what I doing.

I had been thinking about what to do for a while and I made the decision to disassemble my leftover "Alice in Wonderland' nests and start "fresh". Since I really like the little bunches of flowers, I am planning on reusing as many of them as I can and make new nests with them, just different. I was a little heavyhearted at first when I started to cut off the the little sweet rocking horse flies I had made, from the woolen nests but the idea of changing the look of my nest is something I am looking forward too.

 I am hoping to be able to share a few of my "new" nests with all of you soon and maybe few more other ones in the near future. I also have some Christmas creations that I still need to share belated with all of you. So if you have a few spare moments some time, do stop by some time again here at Todolwen and see what I have been up too.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Visitor Of The Feathered Kind ...

Hello my dear friends,

since several months now a beautiful bird of prey has been visiting our property from time to time and it is such a joy each and every time. As I have been told, it is a hawk or even hawks since I am not sure if it is the same bird all of the time or different ones.

It will sit and rest in our maple tree or ...

...  sit on the fence and keeping an watchful eye out for anything that might be moving around.

Just recently it was perched in our willow tree up high in the branches looking so majestic.

But yesterday something really neat happened!

I was in our dining room, working on my laptop when I by chance looked up at our living room window which is located straight ahead, about 30 feet or so away from the dining table and from where I was sitting. I almost couldn't believe what I saw because I wasn't sure at first what I actually was looking at. There was a beautiful bird of prey and it was sitting on top of our evergreen hedge right at our front porch. It was looking right into our house and seemed quite interested. I was very fortunate to have had my camera at arms length yet again. I quickly grabbed it and just started clicking away whilst very carefully moving towards the window in hope to get just one good photo of what I was seeing and I am delighted that I did! The photos are a little dark but never the less you are able to see what I saw. 

Isn't this amazing? ... I can believe that the hawk came so close to our house.
After a few moments the bird got spooked by something and flew up into the maple tree just outside our house and then away. I am so happy I could share this with all of you today. It's not ever day that you have a bird of prey looking into your living room right?! 

Little unexpected happenings like this are so special and that is something I am so grateful for in life. 
I wish you all a little unexpected happenings in your life.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Friday, January 12, 2018

A Little Gift To Give ...

Hello my dear friends,

today I am sharing another little gift I made this Christmas time.

Before I became unwell at the beginning of December, I had started to work on a creation that I was going to gift to a lovely lady. She had a very heartbreaking year and all I wanted to do was to put a tiny smile in her heart this Christmas. She had read one of my posts about my little Christmas boxes and she told me how she liked them. Reading that and knowing what had happened, I just had to make her one. I made it a little bit different than my first ones but never the less, just as lovely.

And this is the little box ...

All wrapped up and paper snowflakes scattered over it, it went on it's way. Karen, the recipient of my gift, had no idea that I had done this for her.  There is just something about receiving something in the mail that you didn't expect. A card with kind words or a little gift from someone that has just thought of you just because. It is just so ... nice! I am so touched whenever I receive the mail from someone that thought of me and I love to give others the same feeling.

 I am happy to say that my gift arrived before Christmas Day and Karen loved my little surprise very much and that is all that counts for me. It put a little smile in her heart, just as I hoped it would. 

I still have a lot to catch up with when it comes to sharing what I have been up to with all of you Lovelies. I am hopefully going to share one of my newest creations in the next few days. So if you  have a little time on hand why not visit me here again at Todolwen and see what I have been up too.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

My Christmas ...

Hello my dear friends,

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas this year, and a wonderful time.

I know Christmas has come and gone but I didn't want to miss the chance to share a little of what mine was like this year. The day of Christmas Eve here started out with an awesome weather forecast report, maybe the neatest I have ever read so far. Here is a part of it that I would like to share with you and it went like this ...

"T'is the night before Christmas, when all through the Ontario Storm Precidiction Center
Not a creature was stirring except the meteorologists
As all eyes were transformed on jolly Old St. Nick, his herd of furry friends, and an approaching
snow storm just in for Christmas.
So for those who are dreaming of a white Christmas will get their wish. A Texan low is gathering strength this morning and will race towards us approaching the speed of  Rudolf  later on today.

The forecasters at  the Ontario Storm Prediction Center wish you all warm holiday greetings and a happy, healthy and safe 2018!"

And it did snow!

Christmas morning turned out to be a "White Christmas", the first one in the past few years, and such a pretty one too.

Again I have been spoilt by my family...

For the first time in over 20 years I didn't have to cook Christmas dinner! My daughter Ashleigh and my son-in-law Ryan invited us to their home on Christmas Eve for dinner and it was so lovely but that wasn't all. I received some beautiful gifts again! ... A night out with my older daughter for dinner and to see the musical "The Sound Of  Music", an amazing book about the City of London, Ontario filled with many unseen photos from the old days and a trip to Vancouver to visit my family! I am so beyond grateful for all the kindness I have received. We all had such a lovely time together with much laughter and enjoying each other's company so very much.

Not only was Christmas so nice but I actually got to be a little creative over these past few weeks. Today I am sharing one or two of my creations with all of you.

I love making gifts and this year I made my daughter Caylagh a cozy blanket and I made it in a  particular way ... the Mrs. Weasley way. Mrs. Weasley is a character from Harry Potter for those of you that don't know and my daughter loves Harry Potter. I crochet the blanket from a very different type of  yarn that I had found at Michaels. It is made up from 5 or 6 different types of yarn, each one is a different material, color and texture. It looks very neat and comes in all sort of color variations too. The colors I chose were again in reference to Harry Potter. My daughter's Harry Potter "house" is Hufflepuff  and their "house colors" are black, grey and yellow. The yarn I chose was a mixture of  grey, white and yellow so perfect in every way. It took me a few weeks but I got it done in time. I added my little touch to it by giving it a fringe all the way around which made it perfect.

Christmas Day came and my daughter loved her handmade gift very much as you can see. Here she is all wrapped up in it, wearing her new Harry Potter pajamas and fuzzy unicorn slippers.

And here you can see it a little better.

My two beautiful baby girls (in matching pajamas)

I also made a little gift for my older daughter.
 It was a hostess gift. You know like in the old days when you would take a little something for the lady of the house where you were invited to for dinner. I think is such a lovely thing to do. It doesn't have to be anything big or costly because it's the thought that counts, in my book at least. My daughter loves to eat pizza and she said that she would one day have a slice of pizza as a ornament for her tree. What better to do then to make her one, so that is what I did. I made a vegetarian pizza slice ornament from felt to gift her. It didn't take me too long and it was also quite easy to make.

She was so happy when she unwrapped her pizza slice! It was hung her lovely tree that was all decked out with handmade felt and wood ornaments she made and bought and looked so neat and just perfect in every way.

And that was my Christmas this year in a nutshell. 

 I do so love to give gifts especially at Christmas because I love putting a little smile in people's hearts. In my next post I will share a little something I made for a sweet lady who needed a little smile placed into her heart.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and visit me here today. I will try and keep up with sharing what has been going on here at Todolwen over the past weeks so do come back and visit sometime soon again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and that life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It Is Already The New Year! ...

Hello my dear friends,

oh my ... it is already the new year!

Happy New Year to all of you Lovelies, may 2018 bring you nothing buy joy and happiness!

It seems to me that it has been a very long time since I have shared anything here on Todolwen but I must admit that the break was good for me. I have been somewhat busy and a little creative too and I have new things to share. Hopefully I will do so over this coming week, starting right away with today's post which is about my "Christmas To Come" giveaway 2017.

I was thinking of sharing this a few weeks ago actually, just before Christmas when the lovely Maggie received my gift in the mail and just couldn't stop herself opening it right away but I in the end I didn't get around to doing so after all. Again that will change right now because today I am sharing what I had chosen as my giveaway gift. 

To my surprise, it didn't take me very long this time to decided what the gift was going to be for my Christmas giveaway. It just came to me one day whilst I was sitting in my studio and there it was, resting on one of my shelves ... the perfect gift in my eyes.

This is what I chose ...

... it was one of my neat "Alice in Wonderland's" nests!

It was all wrapped with paper snow flakes and sent it on it's way. The lovely Maggie was so happy to receive it. She was happy and therefore I was happy and now I am already thinking of 2018's Christmas giveaway because I love doing this so much! So don't forget to keep an eye out for that post that will come some time soon about this year's giveaway. You might just be the one that will win it. And just so there is no confusion ... 

... please, only enter your name on the actual post with the title "Christmas To Come"giveaway 2018! 

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by today and visit me here at Todolwen. It is always so nice when you so and I hope you will come back soon again to see what I have been up too.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.