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Friday, April 4, 2014

My Tiny Part ..

Hello my dear friends,

You all know the wonderful Vicki by now or as I love to call her my dear friend or 'the amazing nest creator'! At this moment in time she is putting the final touches on her newest designer nest which is the 'Vintage Spring' Nest and it is beyond beautiful.

Last year Vicki was so sweet and asked if I would like to do a little something for this nest and I jumped for joy when she did. I actually wrote a short post about this already s ago but I never showed you what my tiny part of this beautiful creation was going to be.

My contribution is my little crochet 'Flutter~By". 

 I made 60 of them in two sizes and within a day or two they were on their way to Vicki.
Now I am just so excited to see the completed nest.

Vicki shared a preview of it on her blog last year and you can find it here ...


... and read the story behind this beautiful piece of art.

Vicki is an amazing lady with a huge heart of gold that does so many amazing things for others just because she wants to help and give. She is a true angel and I am so honoured to be a tiny part for this great cause ~ thank you my dear friend for asking me ~ you have made me very happy by doing so!

Now all I have to do is just like several others of you, is to wait for the e-mail or post letting us know that they are on their way and then start getting very, very excited. I know for sure that I am going to be!

It was so nice of you to stop by today and visit me here at Todolwen and I would love to see you here some time again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have  a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Gosh Karen- I had no idea you were posting this little preview-- how sweet of you to share your lovely little contribution-- your little creations have all found happy homes:)


  2. What an absolutely beautiful post! Your Flutter~By's are so charming! I'm sure they'll help in making Vicki's fabulous nests even more special. I love her to pieces myself. It's so nice to meet you Karen! xo

  3. I'm on that list and I remember you were going to contribute to this creation. I am always amazed at what Vicki creates (so far I have all but 1 of her nests), each more beautiful than the next. And always with profits going to the aid of a truly wonderful cause. She is an earthly angel for certain.
    I look forward to my new nest and enjoying your little flutter-by's as part of it.

  4. Your little Butterflies are Creative Bliss...

  5. Your "Flutter-bys" are the perfect accent to this nest! So beautiful, all of it!

  6. Your butterflies are so sweet. I have one of Vicki's shabby chic nests and have ordered a woodland basket for next year. She is so sweet. Would it be possible to buy one of your butterflies for my nest? I do not crochet.

  7. What beautiful little butterflies, Karen! Your crocheted creations are just beautiful. What an inspiration to those of us who can basically crochet one afghan pattern only! Oops. And thanks for all of the wonderful tutorials. I hope that you're having a great weekend! Sue

  8. Precioses les papallones!
    Una abraçada