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Thursday, December 9, 2021

I'm Late, I'm Late ... New White Crabapples And Pears ...

 Hello my dear friends,

yes, another late listing in my Etsy shop! ( I don't think I will ever learn ... sigh) 

I had shared my miniature crabapple and pears ornaments with you earlier this year and I love their natural look so much but because off white isn't everyone's thing, I decided to also make them in white and must say that they turned out just as lovely!

I have a few sets still availabe so if you are looking for that little something for you Christmas tree, why not take a look at my Etsy shop?!

That's all for today unfortunately. I still need to work on getting our Christmas tree finally up and the house decorated and I also really want to craft a little something for myself soon too. I will have to see if I have time for it though. So until next time, which won't be too long from now fingers crossed. It was so nice of you to stop by again and visit me, it always is.

I hope you are well my dear friend and life is treating kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

My Newest Winter/Christmas Pumpkins ...

 Hello my dear friend,

I am again a little behind in sharing what I have been making lately but I am trying to catch up. 

Today I am sharing two of my new Winter pumpkins I have recently made. They are so enjoyable to make and I love how pretty they look once they are done all glistening and frosty.

The first one I am sharing was a custom order and I am so happy to say that my customer was very happy with it. 

And this is the second one is my newest Winter/Christmas pumpkin and most probably the last one for this year . I actually think that it might be one of the prettiest one I have made so far. I wasn't going to make another one but now I am happy I did.

All in white and glistening with an beautiful stem and a very special touch in the shape of two large silver acorns, just perfect!

This pretty thing is now listed in my Etsy shop and ready to find a new home.

I am still behind with so many things right now. My tree isn't up yet (it's hiding behind all sorts still in our basement) but I did get our outdoor Christmas lights up and I will share some photos soon. I still need to wrap gifts and write Christmas cards and clues for our yearly treasure hunt for our girls (yes, we still do it!) on Christmas day. And that's all for the moment but I will try and be back here soon again.

It was so nice that you stopped by today and visited me here at Todolwen. Do come back some time again and see what I have been up too.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.