Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Beautiful Night Light ...

Hello my dear friends,

what a beautiful thing, a nightlight for the world! ...

... The moon!

I love the moon so much and when it shine's high in the night sky, I try to grab my camera and capture it's beauty as often as possible. It was a full moon a few nights ago and I was very fortunate because I was able to take a few photos of  how stunning it actually looked and that is what I am sharing with all of you today. Some of my photographs might not be the sharpest but they will still give you the idea of how amazing the world's nightlight looks when it shines bright late at night.

I hope you have enjoyed my pictures of the largest and most stunning night light.
Why not take at longer look at it the next time it is out, it is magical!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Mama's Birthday ...

Hello my dear friends,

today would have been my Mama's 80th birthday.
She is celebrating it in Heaven with all of the angels.

This is one of the last photos I took of her. It is blurry but I love it so much because she has that cheeky smile of hers on her face and you know she is thinking thinking of something to say to you.

Happy Birthday Dickie!
(Dickie was my nickname for her.)
You are always in my heart and not a day goes by where I don't miss you.

Wishing you all a lovely day.

Decorating For The Season ~ Fall Throw Pillows ...

Hello my dear friends,

I am determent to stay focused on my "Decorating for the season" thing I have going. My aim is to buy little and to try and use what I have already available or make things I need. I am sure that I am not going to be able to do this with all of the Fall decor I have in mind for our home but I will do my best. 

Today I am sharing my new throw pillow covers that I have made for our living room.
I used some drop cloth that was leftover from another project and made simple and 'quick to make' envelope pillow cases. Then the neat part of this project was next,  time to embellishing them. I thought back to when I was a child and also when my first daughter was little too and stamping with potatoes came into my mind. This time round and not wanting to waste any potatoes  and not having any large corks to hand, I came up with another idea.

Just outside our dining room window we have a old maple tree.

 The poor thing isn't well and it might be the last year it will be with us, so I thought it would be nice to use leaves from it to print onto my pillow cases. I tested it first and was happy with the result so that was the way I wanted to go with this project.

The day I  had planned to work on these our cat Lexi didn't agree with me.

 She thought that I should wait and let her play first. Needless to say that nothing happened for me that evening when it comes to being creative. Several days later though I finally was able to start to work on this project and complete actually complete my new Fall pillow cases that day.

 I had sewn simple envelope covers and then went on to the fun part and that was to stamp them using the leaves from our tree. Only a few things were needed for this project which was nice and to top it off, it was so easy to do too!

I picked four fall colors. Once I was done using one of them, instead of wiping the paint of my plate and wasting it, I just added a new color to it and continued to print with it then.

Now my pillow covers are done, unfortunately not as good as I had hoped (I messed up on each one of them a little) but I am still quite happy with them.

And this is what they look like!

I really like the subtle colors I chose to work with and also that I didn't go crazy and cover every single inch of the drop cloth with leaves. Can you see where I messed up? If not, good! I see it all of the time and maybe I will try and do something to hide my mistake but I am not sure just yet.

Perfect or not, my new throw pillow covers are now going to give our living room a little Autumn feel to it and I am going to enjoy them.

Oh ... remember that this about buying as little as possible?! ~ I was weak! 
The throw blanket that you see in the photographs is something I picked up at Home Sense a week ago because it just goes so well with the Autumn/Fall theme and my leaf pillow cases.

Not every project requires you to buy a lot stuff. I am not saying that it is always possible but try to use what you have first and make do ... you will like it so much more in the end. My new Fall throw pillows cost me $6 only because I used what I had first and made do.

... Drop cloth, pillows, paint brushes and acrylic paint ~ I had already had.
... Leaves to print with ~ free from our tree in the back yard.
... Fabric paint medium ~ (the only thing I bought) $ 6 with a 50% off coupon at Michaels.

Last but not least ...

...  talking about reusing things and making useful things.
 I try and do so as much as I can. That is what I did with an old blind slat. At times I need a longer ruler to mark fabric when I am making things but I didn't really want to buy one for the few occasions it is needed, so I came up with how to make my own. I had a old blind slat laying around in our basement from our old bedroom blinds and it turned out the be the perfect thing to turn into a long ruler!

 Using a permanent fine marker, I marked the slat with full and half inch marking and that was it ~ done! I used my new ruler to measure my drop cloth in this post and it "worked" perfectly. Ten minutes of work, no money spent and something "useless" recycled and given an new life because that is exactly what I love to do!

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here at Todolwen ~ it is always so nice when you do.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving ...

Hello my dear friends,

I just wanted to wish all of you ...

... a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you all a lovely day.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Decorating For The Season ~ My Fall Wreath ...

Hello my dear friends,

I was working on a few projects this morning and then remembered that I wanted to dress up my plain wreath that lives in our living room for the Fall season.

I didn't want it to be busy or "loud" but instead subtle and just nice. I had a kinda idea of what I wanted it too look like and what I was going to use. One of the things were a cluster of larger acorn bells that I had bought almost 17 years ago from Hallmark.

Unfortunately they were somewhere hiding in our house so the search for them began but then ended quickly because it only took me about 2 minutes to "find" them in my studio. I though I was home free with making my Autumn wreath but that wasn't true. I actually tried out 3 wreath looks in the end before I fell in love with the last one.

This was my first thought ...

... very little and very subtle.

The cluster of bells and a simple bow made from burlap ribbon that I had bought at the dollar store.  Unfortunately that look didn't do it for me, even though I so wanted it too. For sure not what I wanted after all, so on to the next try out.

 I had bought the cotton wool branches at Michaels a few months back when there was a "buy one, get one free" deal on and had put them away but  now was the perfect time to use them maybe.

My second attempt looked like this ...

... but again, not what I the look I wanted.

Something was just off and unfortunately in my eyes it was the acorn bells.
They just didn't work for me after all, so I needed to think of something else. I was liking the look of that cotton wool branches, the birch twigs of the wreath and the burlap all together. Try out no. 3 had to happen and this time it turned out perfect in my eyes.

And this my "new" Autumn wreath ...

... just as I wanted it. Very subtle and not overloaded but just right.

I didn't glue anything to the actual wreath but instead just pulled the stems of the cotton wool braches throw to the back of the wreath and bent them a little to hold them in place. The bow is attached with a wooden cloths peg so every thing can come off easily again. This way the wreath won't get damaged and it can be reused over and over again and so can the embellishments too.

I love the way my Fall wreath looks and the way it goes so well with everything else in our living room. I am hoping to share my next Fall creation with you in the next few days. So if you have a few spare moments, why not drop by again and see what I have been up too?! 

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fall Pumpkin Sets Now Listed ...

Hello my dear friends,

I had some free time one my hands yesterday afternoon and the evening before too, so I used it to make two sets of my "Pumpkin Trio" which I have just listed for sale in my Etsy shop.

Both sets are made just like the one I made for myself apart from the handles. I picked some lovely ones for these two sets and they are all different ~ one is just as pretty as the other. Vintage crystals, an old key, old lace and crinkled seam binding are again a part of these Autumn fruits.

And here are my newest "Pumpkin  Trio's", just as lovely as my first set.

This is set No. 1 ...

And this is set No 2 ...

I might just have to make myself another set of these lovely Autumn fruit so they can live in our TV room in the Fall but first I have a few others projects that I need to finish, so do come back some time and see what I have been up too.

It is so nice that you have stopped by today and I hope you have enjoyed your short stay.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Decorating For The Fall ~ My Newest Pumpkins ...

Hello my dear friends,

I have recently harvested" my newest pumpkins that I would love to share with all of you today!

 I had made some last year using my favorite drop cloth. Those pumpkins were a little elegant with vintage sparkles with leaves made from sari silk and the stems made from a tarnished and old piece of cutlery. Each one was embellished with a piece of sparkle and some old lace and looked ever so lovely in my eyes.

And these are those pumpkins ...

This year's pumpkin are a little different.

 This time I choose to work with some very lovely fabrics that my daughter Caylagh had seen in a fabric store I like to visit. She had picked three different types of fabric in very nice shades of  orange and they were just beyond perfect be made into pumpkins. Overall though I stayed with the design of my last year's pumpkins. A stalk made from an old cutlery handle and of course seam binding, sari silk ribbon and vintage lace were a must as well. The final touch for the Autumn fruit came in the shape of vintage crystals for two and an old key for one of them. My newest pumpkins are all ready for the season of Fall.

And here are my newest pumpkins ...

... "Autumn Trio".



I think they might live on the bank of drawers ...

... in our living room for a little while, I am not sure just yet.

 I am still keep busy working on a few more Fall decorating pieces but I am also thinking of maybe making a set of my "Autumn Trio" if I get around to it for my Etsy shop. If you are wanting a set, you can contact me direct via email or my Etsy shop for a custom order. Just drop me a line for more information.

It is so nice that you decided to drop by today and visit me here at Todolwen. It is always so nice when you do.

I hope you are my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.