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Friday, March 14, 2014

One Last Time ~ It's Winter All Over Again ..

Hello my dear friends,

it almost felt like Spring a few days ago with warm sunshine and temperatures at around 10 plus but it didn't last long because this is what it looked like the next morning.

A Winter storm had rolled in over night bringing temperatures down to minus 18 and that was without the wind chill factor and close to 25 cm's of new snow as well.
But the storm brought something else too ... namely beauty!

I never seem to stop loving everything being covered in the white glistening 'stuff ' and ...

... once again can my Christmas lights play hide and seek in the snow ....

... and my little garden critters return for the goodies I leave them.

 It might still be Winter outside and very cold but inside it's a different story.

Whilst our old willow tree in the garden is coping with the cold and ice ... 
.... our new 'baby' willow is doing very well growing inside. 
I had very shortly mentioned in a previous post that we had a lot of work done on our willow tree last fall and from that I saved a skinny leafless branch and placed it in a mason jar of water. I am so happy that it is growing so nicely and has many bright green leaves already. Come the warmth of Spring I will decide where I am going to plant it.
But not only that is growing.

 I received this little pretty about a month ago from my neighbour Katherine after I cleared her driveway of snow and now it is keeping our baby willow company on the kitchen windowsill.

So very lovely!
Of course me being me, I headed outside for a little while and took these photos of the trees in the parking lot of our mall whilst it was snowing most beautifully.

A 'bit' cold even in the car but so worth it!
I am not sure if Old Man Winter is making his last appearance or not yet but I am going to enjoy it whilst he does right now.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. So lovely pictures again, even I am praying for some spring for you.

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Beautiful pics of winter's blessings.I am so ready for Spring and hope it happens soon for us all.Love your violet.Blessings,Jen

  3. I too love the look of the world draped in fresh snow. I also love how quiet the world is when it snows. Your pix are beautiful. That first tree at the mall I had to keep looking at it. It looks like a finely tooled silver pin you could buy. Snow is nice but hurry up spring!

  4. How beautiful! Here in the South I am enjoying daffodils and my forsythia is ready to burst open. I loved seeing that you had water rooted a willow branch - I have done that with pussywillows. I love learning something new. Have a creative day! Pam

  5. From the look of the sky today, more snow may be on the way. Your photos are beautiful. I particularly like the trio of trees near the end of your post.

  6. Your pictures are beautiful. Surprise on us... 40% chance of rain today... oops! Instead we've got snow.. but like you, I think it's beautiful. Doubt it's around for long.

  7. GrĂ cies per aquesta entrada tan "refrescant". A mi m'encanta la neu i l'hivern.