Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I Tried Something New ...

Hello my dear friends,

I love trying out new things. 

New techniques, how-tos and different things interest me quite a lot but I don't often tend to go past the "being interested" stage for whatever reason. This time is different though.

I found this really neat tutorial just by chance as I was browsing Pinterst and just had to actually try it out. That now turned out to be a few months ago and I never got around to sharing it with all of you but today I am. 

This is the tutorial I found ...

(Photograph courtesy of Welcomecrafts.)

It is a how-to on how to make these cute little bunnies!
And here is the link to the tutorial on welcomecraft's website...

And this is my little bunny I made! ... I made one only to see if I could do it or not.

It's a he and he stands happily just under 1.5 inches tall next to a larger acorn. 

It is not perfect at all and a little rough on the edges and I so need to practice quite a bit more but he still is just too cute in my eyes!

It is always nice to try something new and I do love a challenge too. It might not work out right away or at all but that is not the point. The point is that you did it! This way life always stays that tiny bit more interesting and a tiny bit more exciting too.

Have you tried something new lately?

I wonder what will come my way next to try out? ... Whatever it might be, I will make sure to share it with all of you.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

My Little Christmas Boxes ...

Hello my dear friends,

I think it was some tome in 2011 when I found a little antique box at a flea market. 

It spent a lot of time in the far corner of one of my drawers until I "found" it again in 2012 and turned it into something very neat and lovely ... a little Christmas box.
 And this is that little box ...

You can read all about it here ...

Last year, several weeks before Christmas, I was contacted by a lovely gentleman from the UK who had seen my little box. He wanted me to create him such a little box for his girlfriend. I was to make it personalized and so that he could place sparkling earring inside the box, as if they were hanging  in the skies and looked a little like sparkling stars. It took me a little while but in the end I was able to do exactly what he had asked from me. I couldn't share it with all of you when I was working on it because I didn't want the recipient of the box to possible read about it because then the gift Christmas surprise would have been ruined. Unfortunately I then forgot all about it until now. Thankfully though that I taken photos before I mailed it to England and that is what I am sharing with all of  you today ~ my second little Christmas box.

I named the little box after the one that was going to receive it at Christmas time ...

..."For Miss Lucy".

I was told that Lucy loved it and that made me very happy.

Shortly after I had listed the little box (last Christmas), a lovely and sweet lady contacted me about making her a box like this too. I hate to say but for some reason it took me until now (almost a year later) to actually sit down and make it. I am beyond happy to say that it is now finally done and ready to be mailed to it's new home. But before it goes on it's 'merry' way, I wanted to share it too with all of you today as well. It is a little different than the others but not by much but it still is just as pretty as the other ones and it too just "shouts out" Christmas time.

 I named this one again after the person that is receiving it ...

... "For Miss Mary".

I hope you have enjoyed my little Christmas boxes and I will let you know if Miss Mary likes hers.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me here at Todolwen. It is always so very nice when you do.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Little Something I Found ...

Hello my dear friends,

you know when you are out and about and you see a little something and think ... 'I could so use that!' and an idea forms instantly in your mind?! 

Well,  that is what happened to me a few weeks ago. I was out and about junking a little, looking for spoons and forks for my Winter pumpkins when I came across this lovely old doily. Right away I knew what I wanted to make using it and just had to buy it.

It was this little old doily that I had seen in a shop.
There is was laying amongst other crochet bits and pieces and I fell in love with it.

Two days ago I sat down and took the time to turn my idea into something real. 

And this is the little doily now ... it has become a part of a new needle!

I named it ..."Vintage Little Blooms".

From the moment I saw the little flower doily, I saw this in my mind.

I am so happy with my newest creation. 
There is something about being creative, there really is. It is calming (yes, I stay calm even when it doesn't turn out the first time), it is rewarding and it is fun too. No wonder I enjoy being creative so much.

So this new creation is now listed in my Etsy shop and if you are interested in it, why not pop over to my shop and take a look. I am still busy creating and right now I am working on a custom order again. This time it is for a little Christmas box. It is something I have made before but I will share it with all of you again, once it is finished.

So do stop by again some time and see what I have been up too.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Now Listed For Sale ~ Winter Pumpkins ...

Hello my dear friends,

here is the second post that I was talking about in my first post earlier today.
I have just listed two of my Winter pumpkins for sale in my Etsy shop.

The first one below, is just like my other Winter pumpkins.
It is made in white with a pale grey seam binding bow and looks just so lovely.

And this is my second Winter pumpkin. 
This one is made in natural colors and it looks just as lovely as the white ones I have created.

I am so happy with the way these two creations have turned out. If any of you might be interested, why not pop over to my Etsy shop and take a look. For the moment they are the only one I have and I am not sure if I will be able to make more at this moment in time.

Thank you for stopping by again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

More Christmas Pumpkins ...

Hello my dear friends,

I have been keeping busy by working on some orders for my Christmas pumpkins and now they are ready to be mailed and I didn't want to miss sharing them with all of you first before I wrap them up and send them on their way.

 I wanted them to look just as lovely as my first one but I didn't have the right "hardware" for them at hand so that was a reason for me to go and do a little junking. I found what I need at one of the stores that I love visiting. It almost never has tarnished old silverware or silver plated items and I am sure there is a little elf sitting in the back some where that polishes all the silver plate pieces. I normally don't tend to buy cutlery there because I do love the tarnished look so much but this time it was the perfect place for me to shop.

And these are the beautiful pieces I found.

For the first time I think, I am loving polished silverware.

And these are my Winter pumpkins that I have made to order for two very lovely ladies.

This is the first order I made ... a set of three.

Each one has a different beautiful stalk but otherwise are the same.

And this was the second order, one lovely Winter pumpkin, again a pretty little creation.

Who would have thought that white pumpkins could look so lovely?! I didn't at first!

Whilst I was working on my orders, I decided that I would just make another one of my white Winter pumpkins for my Etsy shop. Once that one was done, I couldn't stop there so I made another one but this time in natural colors and I must say I like they way it turned out. I will be sharing these two pumpkins either later on today or latest tomorrow morning, when they will also be listed for sale in my Etsy shop. So if you are interested, do check back later on here at Todolwen.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me today, it is always so nice when you do.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.