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  1. Ciao, ti scrivo dall'Italia sperando che potrai tradurre.Ho visto oggi per la prima volta il tuo blog e sono rimasta affascinata dalla tua semplicita' e della tua dolcezza, vorrei dirti che mi sembri una persona speciale.
    Inoltre ti invito a venire in Italia, se non l'hai gia' fatto, perche' troverai altrettante meraviglie, anche di piu', della Francia, soprattutto se vorrai visitare il sud (la costiera amalfitana) che e' una meraviglia della natura e potrai trovare tante ispirazioni per i tuoi lavori.
    Ti saluto con tanti complimenti e spero che vorrai rispondermi, non conosco nessun altro in Nuova Zelanda!

  2. Hi! Please how can iget the tutorial to make Hymnal page feather? i find it very cute and would make it to give it for a friend of mine.

    Thanks a lot

  3. To preserve high quality lace edging, insertions, etc., do I need to use only special materials (acid free, for example) or just plain cardboard to wrap it around for storage? Thanks so much!

  4. I found a simple crocheted butterfly on Pinterest. When I followed the links someone had posted that it wasn't original to the poster and it was your pattern with a link here. I can't find it. Do you have a pattern for a beautiful basic crocheted butterfly?

  5. Is the fabric gone already? It is not on your etsy site.

  6. im hopeless at trying to learn to crochet .. would it be possible to have you make some of the tiny violets and sell them to me ? thank you ,,, Lark :)

  7. Hello Karen,
    How are you ?It's been a while from your last post.
    I do hope that you are feeling better.
    Love and good thoughts,
    Gillian xxx

  8. Hope you are doing okay. Thoughts and prayers for you.
    M J

  9. I have just started making things with vintage items. Where do you find seam binding? I love working with used linens from the thrift store. gayle

  10. I have just started making things with vintage items. Where do you find seam binding? I love working with used linens from the thrift store. gayle

  11. Hello Karen, I just stumbled upon a post about copyrights.
    Maybe this would be interesting - even some comments. Christa from France :-)

  12. Your work is so beautiful, it took time to look at everything that you made and it made my evening so pleasurable, Thank you so much for posting it all.

  13. I have recently found your blog and am enjoying it tremendously. Your repurposed items are
    truly lovely. Do you really use a drop cloth (such as a painter uses) for the strawberries and
    pin cushions? Do you spray your silver items with something to keep them from becoming
    tarnished again?

  14. Hi Karen! I really want to order your kit for the do I get my order in before they are all gone? I look forward to hearing from you...
    Thank you, Barb Gould

    1. Hi Barb,
      thank you for your interest in my kit. Unfortunately I haven't got any ready yet and until I have, I am not going to be able to reserve any. If you would like to email me your email address I will drop you a line when they are ready. I will also share here on Todolwen when they are done.
      Hugs, Karen B.

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