Friday, February 15, 2019

An Apple Fit For A Princess ...

Hello my dear friends,

the weather here in South Ontario was quite bad yet again and so it was a stay at home time year again. All school were closed and I had no need really to head outside so I took the time to created somethings.

As a child one of my most favorite Disney movies was Snow White and the seven dwarfs.
 I just loved everything about it. From the beautiful girl and seven dwarfs to the animals and the lovely music and from the handsome prince to the mine filled with diamonds. I remember being 5 years old and I didn't like the mean Queen/the nasty witch and how she poisoned Snow White with the red apple. That is I think, why my mind went where it did when I saw the piece I am sharing with all of you today. I turned something I didn't like as a child into something lovely.

I had been out donating things and afterwards I headed to one of my favorite stores and found this piece. It wasn't very old but had a nice tarnish to it but it was perfect to work with. My newest creation is now finished and I am very pleased with how the way it turned out. I

I named it ...

'Snow White's Apple'
... and this is it!

Hand dyed seam binding and a few pieces of vintage sparkle combined with the velvet ~ perfect in my eyes and I really like the less is more thing very much with this creation.

For anyone that might be interested, it is now listed for sale in my Etsy shop.

Thank you for visiting me here, at Todolwen today and I hope you will come back soon.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Day Filled With Love ...

Hello my dear friends,

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.

May your day be filled with love!

Many hugs.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Now Available In My Etsy Shop ...

Hello my dear friends,

I just wanted to let you all know that I have just listed some of my creations in my Etsy shop.

There are two of my 'sari silk and hemp nests'.

Nest no. 1 and ...

Nest no.2.

Also listed is ...

... this pincushion creation.

And last but not least ...

... my little black handbag sewing kit.

If you are interested, why not just head over to my Etsy shop and take a look.

Thank you for stopping by.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

That Little Black Handbag ...

Hello my dear friends,

a little while ago my younger daughter decided to decluttered her room and amongst the things she was letting go was a little vintage black velvet handbag. She had bought it at an antique store on one of our visits but now she no longer wanted it anymore. It is such a neat and delightful little thing and I liked it so much so my sweet daughter and gave it to me to work with.

As soon as it was on my worktable I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.
Black velvet, seam binding, some vintage sparkle and a few other things were on hand so I could start to work on my idea right away. My design slowly but surely came to life bit by bit. One by one, each part of my newest creation was made and now everything is finished and I am so happy to share the result of my work with all of you today.

I named it simply but perfectly ...

"That Little Black Bag" and this is it!

This is what that little black bag looks like now on the outside.
 I didn't want to add too much but also not too little and I think I achieved exactly what I had hoped for ... a touch of elegance.

But wait! ... There is more to it!

Of course a little black handbag has told hold some neat and useful bits and pieces and because of that, this one does so. It has almost everything a sewing girl needs.

Just take a look! ...

There is an old compact looking oh so nice. Dressed up with a piece of vintage sparkle, old tatting and seam binding ...

... waiting to hold needles and pins safe.

I covered the inside with black velvet and seam binding to match the handbag.

Then is a black velvet strawberry.

Again all dressed up with old tatting and seam binding and filled with crushed walnut shells to sharpen those needles and pins.

Of course these pieces are also needed ...

... some neat old scissors to cut any thread and two old thimbles to keep your finger tips unhurt.

And last but not least ...

... of course a pincushion is required!
I made one of my pocket watch pincushions for the little black bag and decorated it matching to the other neat bits and pieces.

All put together, they all make my newest creations complete and I am so very pleased with the way it has turned out, just as I had hoped it would!

I love it how something pretty as it is can become something a bit unusual and simply elegant.
I will be listing his little bag for sale in my Etsy shop in the next few days for anyone interested.

It is so nice that you decided to stop by today and visit me and I hope you have enjoyed your little stay.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Blooming Spring Nests ...

Hello my dear friends,

I have been saying this what seems like forever but this year is finally going to be all about decluttering and 'less is more' when it comes to holding onto my creations. It is often hard for me to let some pieces I have made go but my shelves are full and it has to be done, starting today and no going back!

I am not sure if many of you remember the creations that I am sharing today.
 It is almost a year ago now that I did my "Renew, Reuse and Remake" post on a few of my felted nests. I had taken a two of my "Alice in Wonderland" themed nests apart and then turned them in to lovely blooming Spring nests. Again once I made them and like so many other creations of mine, they ended up on one of my shelves in my studio but hopefully not for much longer. They both are looking for new homes and are therefore now listed for sale in my Etsy shop. 

There is a larger nest and a smaller one. Both are embellished with little crochet and hand dyed flowers and hand felted leaves. Each nest holds painted wooden eggs but I can't make my mind up which color is the one to use and since I think both look very nice I have decided to give an option when it comes to the color of the eggs. They can be either a shade of blue or an off white color. You can see each option in my photos.

This is the larger one of the two Spring nests.

Many little bunches of flowers are growing from it.
 There are lovely white daisies, purple violets, primroses in white and pink and bright yellow buttercups. Three wooden eggs live happily in this nest.

And this is the smaller one of the two Spring nests.

Little white primroses, yellow buttercups and purple violets grow from this nest and two little wooden eggs live happily in it's midst.

I love to write little stories for some of my creations and that is what I did for these two nest too.

"This has happened many times before at Forest's Edge: On a cold Winter day a strong wind blew so harsh again that two nest that had been living in a tall tree fell to the ground. Fortunately they didn't break from the fall but became a little crooked and lopsided. From that day the two nests happily lived at the bottom of the tree from where they had fallen. Mother Nature took a liking to them being there and after Winter left and Spring arrived and after all the snow had melted, she decided to be very kind to the little nests. She turned them into blooming pretties. Flowers started to grow and bloom all over the two nature homes and even thought they were not high up in a tree, some birds like them so much that they laid their eggs in the midst of them."

I am already thinking of a new nest that I would like to try and make one day. I will give you a tiny clue, one word only ... mushrooms. Fingers crossed I will be able to create it the way I already can see it in my mind. It won't be for a while though but it is on my to-do list for sure.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed my creations and your visit today.

I hope you are well my dear friends and that life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Elizabeth's Favorite ...

Hello my dear friends,

it has taken almost two years for me to finished my newest creations. (Seriously!)
That is from the first idea to actually being completed. When I came up with the design of my newest nest creation, I had thoughts of Spring, blue skies, warm sunshine, green grass and ...

  ... bright yellow daffodils blooming.
I wanted to created a Spring nest that would remind me of all those lovely things.

I had a few of my felted nest leftover in lovely shades of green and I wanted to use my little daffodils. Do you remember my little crochet daffodils with sari silk leaves? I had made one creation using them some time ago but that was it, until now.

Back in 2017 I made this creation with the little yellow yarn flowers.

Pictures of Spring in England came to my mind and bunches of daffodils grow along the countryside roads in many places. Oh, how beautiful it would look and how much I miss it at times.

This was my actual design of my newest nest that I wanted to make but that is as far as it went for many months and even longer. Well, maybe a little further than that. I made some of the parts that were needed to make the daffodils. The little flowers are crochet in two parts in white cotton yarn and then dyed them in a lovely shade of yellow. Once they were dry, they for some reason ended up in a drawer and stayed for almost two years now and I can't believe it has been that long! I guess sometimes my ideas are just not meant to be completed when I have them or I just have to get my act together and get things done that I have started them, instead of getting distracted. Does this ever happen to you? It seems to happen me quite often.

These past weeks the days were very cold and the skies were grey. I so wanted to see a little color and that is when I remember my Springtime nest idea. So out my little yellow blossoms came. Now it was the time to finally pull them out of that drawer and out of hiding, to let them finally "grow and bloom". I decided to change my original design a little, mainly the way I put the flowers together. I finished the first nest after a few days and was very happy with it. I had wanted to start of the second one right away but unfortunately I injured my left wrist whilst trying to clear thick ice and heavy snow from our property. 

I am not sure what I did but it was very painful. Thankfully resting it and  having it all bandaged up it is getting much better. I was able to work on my second nest. Now both of my newest nest creations are finished and that is what I am sharing with all of you today. Like my other nests my newest nests come from my "happy place" which is "at the forest's edge". Both nests again not perfect but very lovely. Each nest has small wooden eggs living happily in it. When it came to giving my nests a name, I once had read that daffodils are one of Queen Elizabeth's favorite flowers which I thought was very neat so I named them thinking of that.

I named my newest nests ...
"Elisabeth's Favorites" ~ in my eyes it is a very fitting name.

This is the story that goes with them ...

...  'It was a beautiful Spring morning. The snow had finally melted in the small clearing that lay at the edge of the forest. Everything started to grow again after a cold Winter and the green moss was growing between the rocks on the ground once again. In midst of this bed of nature lay a little nest all crooked and neat. It had fallen from high above in a Winter storm and is now resting on the ground next to a to the large mature tree from which it fell. Little daffodils, all bright and yellow, have started growing from the earth and have taken root in the woven body of the nest and are watching over the little eggs that are waiting to hatch." 

And this is my first nest ...

And this is the second new nest ...

Don't they just shout out 'Springtime'?!

The second nest that I have shared is already spoken for/ sold but the other one in this post is still available and is now listed for sale in my Etsy shop just in case any one might be interested in it. 

As much as I love the snow, I do love Spring as well with all it beauty.

Thank you for taking the time and visiting me here today. I hope you have enjoyed your short stay.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.