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Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Comment ..

Hello my dear friends,

unfortunately I am only human and things get to me, some more ~ some less just like everyone else really.
The reason for this post to make a very few people aware that at times it isn't a good idea to press the enter button that publishes a comment or remark. 

I was on Pinterest a week or two ago and came across something I had made some time ago where a pinner left a comment. It had to do with something old I had used in this particular creation. I am not going to say what exactly was said, but it did offend me somewhat.

As most of you all know, this is what I am and Todolwen is all about:
I use old things, unused things, things I find in thrift stores, second hand stores, even some times things I find on the side of the road and give them a new life in my creations, just like so many of you lovely bloggers do too. It is a good thing to do and not bad at all. It is recycling and not wasting anything and therefore good for the earth.

So to the very few ... please, keep in mind when you leave a comment or remark that isn't too nice, think before you hit that enter button because it might just be taken to heart.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. It's amazing how many people just don't 'get' how important it is to reuse old things and not only from the standpoint of helping the environment. Many seem to think that repurposing treasures from days gone by is done simply because we can't afford anything else, or that somehow we're just plain cheap. Their loss, I think. (btw - I was thinking of you yesterday as I scooped up a gorgeous little tarnished silver pin dish from a thrift store....mine, mine, all mine....)

  2. oh oh - as I lifted my finger from hitting 'publish' I realized that may the 'mine' part of that comment sounded as though I was being gleeful that I got something that you didn't. Didn't mean it that way - I was just thrilled that I found such a beautiful piece.

  3. Karen,
    Keep doing what you do.
    I'm a fan of 'use it up, wear it out' and reuse. Don't get me wrong, sometimes a new brought item is a treat but making a treasure from old things, priceless!

  4. i made paper snowflakes from a tattered, torn, water stained, falling apart 1800's Bible. I literally rescued the Bible from the trash bin at my local Habitat ReStore. Oh the flack I caught for that. Leading to a major discussion with my Pastor about using the pages. Her take was that I was simply sharing God's word in a different format. That no disrespect was intended. However, I am now very careful about those kinds of decisions and I try to make sure that full messages from those pages can be seen, not just bits that may be misconstrued.

    So sorry this has happened to you. I love your work and this place is so inspiring.

    Teresa AKA MaggieGraceCreates

  5. I love the creations that I have that you made and I encourage you to continue to make your treasures from old and found objects. You put your love and heart into them.

  6. Small minds abound out there. I love, absolutely LOVE your work. Wish I had that kind of talent. Take heart, dear friend, that there are people out there who love you and what you do. You bring new beauty to what was considered old and unusable. Keep on keeping on...

  7. You're a treasure! All of us who gather pieces from days-gone-by celebrate every hand that went into designing it, building it, using it until it became worn or discarded. I add them to paintings... that touch of unique~ your work is unique and pretty wonderful <3 Wishing your heart joy!

  8. I follow and read your posts but don't often comment. Just have to say that I enjoy seeing what you come up with and appreciate the creativity that is required to make something new from something old. There will always be people who don't think before they hit 'publish'. There will always be thoughtless and envious people. I hope you just keep on doing what you do!

  9. Dear, Dear Karen..
    I'm sorry that you've had this experience. It's so sad that others can be so thoughtless. Reusing old and found is right and good. Not that you need my approval, but I understand the responsibility and satisfaction in taking something from another time and giving it new life! JOY! You have such a gift and share the beauty of your talent with others. And your creations are AMAZING! It's too bad that others don't get it. Thank you for being who you are and for sharing your inspiration along the path of your creative journey! I hope the rest of your week is peaceful and up-lifting <3


  10. I always enjoy your creations! I don't think any of us would dream of repurposing a priceless antique, but we love to bring new life to items that would otherwise be discarded. I always think of it as saving and rescuing something, not ruining it. Repurpose, reuse, and bring new life! Keep up the good work!

  11. You keep making your lovely creations and inspiring us all. It makes you happy and most of us too. You just can't please everyone. So make sure you are pleasing you!

  12. You keep making your lovely creations and inspiring us all. It makes you happy and most of us too. You just can't please everyone. So make sure you are pleasing you!

  13. There are some people in this world who have nothing better to do in there lives than to pooh pooh other people's creativity and work. They're to be pitied really. Well done you for having the talent to repurpose old things. There are very few items in my wardrobe that don't come from charity shops (thrift shops). It think of them as being 'pre loved' and I'm giving them another chance to shine. Keep on doing the lovely things you do and don't let these sad people deflate you.
    Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

  14. First I can't imagine why anyone would have anything negative to say about one of your creations.. and why would using something old be considered wrong??? Secondly, I'm just tired of the "mean".. in whatever form it comes in. This new world of the digital age has lead to so much nastiness, it makes me ill. What happened to "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"?
    I feel badly for you that you saw that comment that hurt you...so unfair. You always amaze me with
    your creative imagination and what you see when looking at something old, tarnished, stained, rusted and what beauty you make from it. Ignore those kinds of comments.. easier said than done I know...but know there are many of us out here who truly appreciate your talent.

  15. Was this comment directed toward you personally, or was there a remark added to a caption with the pinned photo? I use Pinterest for myself, and am not sure how other people use it. I add things to my albums and put brief notes to myself as to why I pinned it. I don't THINK anything I write could be misconstrued as negative and hateful. I see my Pinterest as my own little world, and anyone who comes to look over my shoulder might not have any idea what is going on. Could it be that the person who wrote the comment didn't realize that you or anyone could see what they have written? Not everyone (me) is Pinterest or computer savvy! Also, I don't look at anyone's Pinterest account. What they choose to pin doesn't interest me. I guess I'm trying to find an acceptable reason for what you have seen, but since I don't know what was written or about what, I hope that the person didn't mean to say it as you have taken it. But, only you know for sure. I must also say that I don't agree with the statement "If you don't have something nice to say...". By putting my work out there, I am giving free rein as to how someone else can react to it. Similarly, if I have something to say about what was written or shown, I say it. I don't intend to be mean. There is too much mean in anonymity, and I wish we could get back to being cordial. When something gets on my nerves, and not in a good way, I unsubscribe from a blog. It's easy to do. I can make a statement, bring up an observation or ask for clarification. I don't think it's necessary to agree with everything I see, and sparking discussions is important in learning and discovering. With my art, and there is so little of it, I don't want to be told that it's pretty or whatever. I want to know what you do or don't like about it and how it makes you feel. I suppose some people get mixed up between the words critique and criticize. You make some pretty amazing stuff, and I'm not sure I do it all the time, but I do tell you how it makes me feel, if it reminds me of something and that I like it.

  16. There will always be stupid people you can't change that. Enjoy what you are doing and don't use time on other people who says stupid things or write stupid things. Use your lovely energy to make more lovely creations and be thrilled that we are a LOT of people who just LOVE your work and art. Keep up the spirit Karen.
    Many hugs from Denmark,

    1. While you give support to Todolwen you make me laugh because in the same breath you call those others stupid. By doing so you have become one of "them"! Those "others" are people deserving of kindness too. It is Easter and a good time to practice what Jesus taught.

  17. My advice to you is to "release it" ... difficult to do, I know. But clear your mind and heart from such nastiness and go forward. People of that caliber don't need to be in your life.

    What you create is BEAUTIFUL and I truly believe jealousy is what hit that ENTER button.

    Be happy!

  18. So sorry that you had to experience such negativity, in the future try to remember the rude words say nothing about you and everything about the one who sent them!

  19. I've been on the Internet forever and one thing I have learned above all else is - TOUGHEN UP. The Internet is not an afternoon tea party. People actually get to say what they really feel, throwing off the ties of political correctness and the need to worry constantly about everyone's poor little "feewings". These days you can't say ANYTHING without annoying someone and finding yourself the target of one protest or another. I find the honesty of the Internet refreshing! And I am a very old lady. Don't like what you see? Shrug it off and move on. Don't ask people to tiptoe around you.

  20. I am a recycler too... and like you it is who I am... when people comment like this I feel bad for them as they are missing the true beauty of the world.. to find good in all things.... don't take it personal, say a prayer for them knowing they are missing the specialness it takes to make things beautiful again... they must live in a very ugly world in my opinion. hugs and love your creations.

  21. Sorry to hear.....be well, enjoy your blog!

  22. Oh Karen, forget about those bad comments!
    If someone doesn't understand, what you are creating, he is not worth talking about.

    Hugs Ines♥

  23. hi Karen--I just love your work, I love all things vintage and a little crumbly and well-worn.

    One of my dearest friends, however, just does not "get" the same warm and fuzzy feeling from stuff I swoon over. We were in an antique store and I was looking at all the beautiful old rosaries, and she said, "omg, when we cleared out my mom's house, we threw TONS of these old things in the dumpster".....I nearly passed out when she said that!! In fact she said the antique shops were creepy and "eeww, all this junk; I'd rather be at Macy's"!! At that point, I just had to laugh, shake my head, and realize that although I love her dearly, that part of our brains is wired differently in each of us!! We stick to having lunch now, and when we shop together, we keep it to the mall, lol!

    Sorry you got the negative comment, but some people are very blunt, say whatever they're thinking, and just don't "get it". You have plenty of loving admirers....bask in the knowledge that your work speaks to many of us, and forget the rest.

    And have a beautiful Easter!!!

  24. Oh Karen: I am saddened that someone would leave a negative comment for any reason, I am from the old school if you cannot say something nice do not say anything at all.
    I love following your blog, you are very creative and a wonderful artist.
    Using anything to express yourself weather it be old or new it is your creation and expression.
    Thank-you for sharing your art with us all.


  25. I think the people that make these sort of comments are the losers. Best to completely ignore such comments so they don't get the attention! In the meantime, let us all enjoy Karen's beautiful creativity.

  26. I always follow your blog but rarely comment. you are a very talented sweet lady and I admire all the lovley creations you come up with ! Brush those hateful comments off your shoulder and keep on going !
    Love and hugs from the U.S.
    Cathy Thompson

  27. there will always be the people out there who just get what others do. Negativity frays the edges if self esteem and is not necessary. Recycling and renewing old objects in new ways is what all of our ancestors before us did......hang in there and know we all love what you do.