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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Memories Is The Power ..

Hello my dear friends,

'Memories is the power to grow roses in Winter'.

I think the title I chose for today's post is not only one of my most favorite quotes but it is also perfect for what I am sharing with you.

A few evenings ago I was trying to work on something new that just didn't want to come together the way I was hoping it would. In the end I put it aside and started to work on something else. The project I started to work on then was one of those projects that I had begun some time ago and then just stopped for what ever reason.  Now it has just come all together and I love it!

Actually my newest creation is made from two separate ones.

The first one was made from a small old knife handle that used to be my grandma's and I have had it since over 40 years now, laying in my jewelry box. Not knowing exactly what to do with it, the one thing I did know was that I wanted to become something very neat. I took this knife handle and an old tarnished little silver tray and  'married' them together to become one piece. It was now a small wall hung vase. Little flowers were going to find a home in it.

The second one I 'grew' from a small piece of fabric, some tulle, a snippet of seam binding, a strip of sari silk ribbon and a piece of wire.

Looking at these two creations, I knew they belonged together as one and this is what they are now ... a lovely new treasure.

That is why I name it simply ...

 ' Treasured Memories '.

This creation is a true treasure of memories.

 The reason behind it is that there is something very special about my lovely rose as well and not just only the knife handle. The rose is not made from just any fabric I bought. I created it from some of the remnants of fabric and tulle of my daughter Ashleigh's wedding dress. The pale violet seam binding was also a part of my daughter's wedding ~ it was used on the invitations. Every single part of this creation is perfect in my eyes. Beautiful, tarnished and delicate and some lovely and treasured memories ... everything I love and wish for in a creation and now you see why the title of this post is so perfect for this creation.

I hope you have enjoyed my newest making today.

And lastly ...

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Thank you for visiting me again here at Todolwen and I would love for you to stop by soon again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Who can believe an old knife handle could end up in such a charming way! Delightful.

  2. Who can believe an old knife handle could end up in such a charming way! Delightful.

  3. What a truly special piece. Such a beautiful way to keep the memories alive.

  4. What should I say you wouldn't laugh again ;-)?
    Soooooooooooooooo lovely!

    Warmest hugs

  5. W s für eine berührende Kreation!

  6. Only you would keep an old knife handle and then be able to turn it into something so special!

  7. Simply beautiful. Such simple things turned into something so sweet.

  8. so simple and so full of rich memories it is very lovely

  9. Such beauty ... and with wonderful memories!

    Treasure this forever!

  10. So sweet. I was wondering if you ever considered write a small note stating the story behind this piece and attaching it to the piece itself. This is obviously something you won't be selling, so I was thinking that when you are gone, your daughter (or whoever) will have this and your memory that goes with it.