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Monday, February 16, 2015

My 'Grow Your Blog' Giveaway Winners ...

Hello my dear friends,

I am sorry I am late with announcing the winners to my 'Grow Your Blog' giveaway but sometimes things come up that are unforeseen.

I hadn't been feeling well after having been doing a lot of snow clearing in very cold weather conditions these past days. The night of February 14th had not only had it been the coldest night of the Winter so far with the windchill at minus 40 but then I was also woken up at 5.37 am yesterday morning by a loud noise, only to discover that something was wrong with our heating system and the house cold. Trying to figure out what was wrong and several hours and phone calls later that day, thankfully nothing seems to be broken or needs to be fixed (as for now). The extreme cold weather is what made our furnace not work properly or actually rather overwork itself. By the afternoon I was worn down that with a headache so that heading back to bed was the only thing I had in mind and unfortunately my giveaway had to be put onto hold until today.

But now ... let's not wait any longer!

Since it just has been Valentine's Day, I used little paper hearts and as always each of you were given a number, ...

... then placed all together and three were then picked the good old fashion way.

And these are the little hearts that were picked ...

... No. 5 ...
Kerrie B. 'Channel Bank Creations'

... No. 8
Carole 'From My Carolina Home'

... No. 28 ...
Sue Kosec 'SuzeQ Creations'

Congratulation to all of you!

Please drop me a line with you e-mail address so I can send you the pattern you wish to have.

Thank you to all of you that have taken part in my giveaway.
I hope you enjoyed visiting Todolwen and it would be so nice if you came back again some time.

Last but not least ...

... whilst some of you lovely bloggers are sharing lovely photographs of Spring flowers blooming, I am sharing a few more photographs that I took a few evenings ago whilst having another snowstorm. (They are the last ones of my Christmas lights until next December.)

Unfortunately blowing snow doesn't make for good pictures.

As much as I love snow and still get excited every single time it starts to fall, I am slowly but surely ready for Spring and much more sunshine.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Good Morning, It is a snowy cold day in our neighborhood. We don't have as much as you do, but it is enough to make you stay home. I love the snow pictures that you took at night. So pretty. Could almost make a picture puzzle out of them. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  2. Oh Karen... sooooooooo much snow!
    Should I tell you about 10°C and a whole day with a blue sky and sun?
    For the Karneval (today is Rosenmontag) it was the perfect weather.
    Hope your head is ok now and spring will come to you soon too.

    Hugs Ines♥

  3. I am so sorry the cold snow and shoveling got to you and you fell ill. I do not like cold or snow at all so I completely understand. Congratulations to all winners. Our heater freezes up with ice in the pipe and doesn't work when it is super cold like you have. This year we have NO snow so far and I fear our well will run dry again this summer...Drat our Drought! Prayers for your Safety and Warmth.

  4. I am sorry about all that snow Karen. Must be very trying- especially if your heater stopped working. Hope things improve soon. Congratulions to your winners.

  5. We are getting snow today too! I am so excited to have my number chosen! I don't see your email on the site, so shoot me one and I'll send you my address. Thanks so much!!

  6. So sorry to hear your not feeling well, I hope it goes away quickly! I love the photos, and yes...some parts of the states are having terrible snow storms with more coming. Just terrible!!

    I am way behind in my blog hop Grow Your Blog event, I had some issues with transferring my blog and domain to a new host provider and too...just things at home. I hope to catch up this week and visit many. I started off good...then...well you know the rest. I also wanted to let you know that WP.org has a way of protecting the blogs there however there is a sign up for email on my side bar. That should take care of the do not reply issue, should you visit my blog, and a place for comments and I also proudly display the badge! I look forward to hearing from you, and I do hope better health returns to you quickly. xx Sandy

  7. Oh! Oh! ooohhh! What a lovely surprise to see my name as a winner of your GYBP give away. And as much as I prefer winter here in Australia I feel for you with your minus temperatures and days without sun. Hope it starts to ease off and warm up a little for you very quickly!!

  8. OMGoodness. What a great way to start my morning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now I'm looking forward to Christmas to make my poinsettias. Once that time rolls around again I will be sure to share what I created.

    Blogging is much more fun than I ever anticipated. I've met so many new friends - just like you. Thanks, Karen.


    PS - no more snow ... although looking at your pictures I {almost} wish I was there. I lied.

  9. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Must say that I've had quite enough of winter (but I say that after the first snowfall).

  10. Congratulations to your lucky winners, Karen! I love your beautiful glass bbox you found...so gorgeous, it reminds me of a piece I was hoping to buy on Etsy, but I missed purchasing it the first time I saw in and you know how THAT goes!