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Thursday, February 12, 2015

My 'Little Posy' Heart~Felt ..

Hello my dear friends,

do you ever get it, when you have too many things you want to do all at once and then in the end you get nothing accomplished at all because of it?! That is what is happening to me right now. There are too many creations I want to make and I am sort of jumping from one to the other and nothing really is coming together or working out, which then in the end results in a little frustration too. I am sure some of you crafters out there know exactly what I am talking about.

Before I wanted to take every craft idea of mine on all at once, I did sit down calmly and created a little something which I am sharing with all you lovely bloggers today. I made a new little 'Heart~Felt'. I used a small remnant of wool felt and dyed it. It was meant to be a luscious red but it turned out to be pink instead. Even after leaving it in the dye a second time the color didn't change but it is still a very nice shade.

I wanted this 'Heart~Felt' to look like a tiny Valentine's Day posy so I used two small crochet violets that were dyed in a dark purple color and which I had left over from another project I am working on. A scrap of lace and a few little silver heart beads and last but not least one of my tiny crochet butterflies were also for this creation and it turned out just right in my eyes.

Take a look at ...

... my  'Little Posy' Heart~ Felt.


I hope you have enjoyed my newest little making.

As I already mentioned I am working on a few more creations and hopefully one of them will come together soon and once that has happened, I will share it with you here on Todolwen again.

So don't forget to stop by again some time soon and see what I have been up too.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. So sweet! I adore your petite creations. So many beautiful details. As for your "dilemma"....you're describing ME!! Our muses can go into overdrive sometimes.....hard to catch up with them, right? I hope you have a lovely day!

  2. I really love your work and know EXACTLY what you mean when you have a queue in your head of all the things you wish to create and make and the queue doesn't move along ! I wonder which dye you use for little things. Thank you.

  3. Your first paragraph seems to describe me to a "T". How comforting to know that I'm not the only one. I love your little heart, and especially the clever name you gave it. Have a lovely day. Sue

  4. Love, Love the pink color which goes so well with the purple violets. This new creation is so pretty. Can't wait to wee what is waiting to be finished - something great I am sure. Love what you create so inspiring! Have a creative day! Pam

  5. oops should be "see" need to proof read :( sorry

  6. Yikes, so very very stylish! Gorgeous.

  7. Yes Karen, I know exactly what you mean. Take time, do something different and than sit down and do one after the other. Sounds good, sometimes it does'nt work ;-).
    Your heart is a dream!

    Hugs Ines♥

  8. Yes, I can so relate to the spinning of wanting to do so many things and ending up not being productive.
    Your felt heart with tatting and crocheted pansies and butterfly is precious. Sometimes the color we didn't want is just what looks right. Creative Hearts Bliss...

  9. I can so identify with what you said about not getting anything accomplished because of having so many projects on the go. That's my life pretty much in a nutshell. Love your wee heart!

  10. I'll chime in with another nod in agreement about having too many projects and not enough time and not accomplishing anything! Your heart is very sweet.

  11. Oh so sweet, love the color combination. The pink is just perfect..maybe even better than red.

  12. Oh I'm in agreement with you all - there's so many things running round my head at the one time, I end up achieving very little.
    I love your little heart - so beautiful :) And very calming to look at. Have a lovely weekend.
    Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

  13. I totally agree with you regarding too much in your head and I thought it was just me, because I think (with me ) it’s a kind of undisciplined congestion going on in my head, wanting to do to many things at once and ending up with a bunged-up brain resulting in doing next to nothing. I’m not saying this is what you go through but it is me to a tee! Your heart felt (great name) creation is absolutely beautiful, every single bit of it and I think the pink is just perfect and more romantic than if it was red. I love it and want to try one myself. Oh! Oh there I go again. Mary

  14. There must be a lot of wonderful swirling around in your head. I can't wait to see what other goodies you create. This little heart is so delightful.

  15. Loving your post....seems I too have the "too much" syndrome. My sewing area has 2 projects, my 2 crafty tables more than 4 and the results...1/2 done projects. Hurried, scurried to get Valentines out.
    Thanks for showing me it's not only me. Love the color you came up with. Your little "heart felt" is just precious. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm off to clear the tables. !

  16. Oh pretty pretty soft felted heart! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day Karen!
    xox Suzy

  17. Happy almost belated Valentine's Day. Who says this didn't "come together" or "work out?" It's beautiful .. absolutely beautiful.

    Be proud!

  18. I have been having that issue this week too. Too many things to do and getting very little done.