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Friday, February 6, 2015

Oh Dear ~ My Soapbox Is Out Again ..

Hello my dear friends,

after a long time my soapbox has found it's way out of the closet again, for me to talk about the same old subject whenever it does come out.

I have recently discovered on Pinterest that another lady has taken one of my tutorials and placed it on her blog. A few of you have actually just discovered this too and e-mailed me to let me know ~ thank you for that. Unfortunately I can't visit this blog, because it is by invite only so I can't really tell what else she has done. It seem she has altered at least one of my photos. That also means I can't get in touch with her to clear this matter up.

 My altered chart ... not something I am happy with at all.

My tutorial is now pinned over 1700 times on Pinterest under this lady's blog name and I am, to say the least not very happy about this at all.  The one little thing that I am a little happier about is, that one lovely lady has been so nice and added Todolwen's link to it when she pinned it ~ Lisa, thank you for that. Unfortunately it is still being pinned under the wrong name.

If any of you lovely bloggers knows  'Passionmerian.blogspot.com' and has access to her blog, could you please let me know.  I would really appreciate it and maybe I can get this sorted after all.

Please , don't get me wrong, I love it when my creations, ideas, free tutorials and photos get shared on the Internet but please ... as mine.

Thank you for 'listening' to my little rant again.
I try and keep them far and very few because visiting me here at Todolwen is meant to be a nice experience and not something unpleasant. Thank you for understanding that I do rant once in a while because it bothers me somewhat when things like this happen.

I  hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Dear Karen, I saw this,too and emailed You...I wrote under the pictures of that woman,that these are todolwens-butterflies-tutorial... I´m very sad about that... ines

  2. Hi Karen, I'm very sorry for what happened :( it is not fair ...

  3. I have also made comment to the same on her pin. I am so unhappy with Pinterest. It has turned into a nightmare for so many of you designers. I no longer visit the site.

  4. This is certainly rant-worthy! Don't people understand that this is dishonest? I'm glad that bloggers with integrity have let you know and have made efforts to clear this up.

  5. I'm so sorry this has happened. I suppose there are two ways that this can happen though - and it could be entirely innocent. So many things I come across on pinterest aren't credited to the creator and I know that they are often re-pinned as such. As things get re-pinned over and over the creditation does tend to get lost. I've discovered that periodically when I come across something I've created. All I've done is to leave a comment on the pin thanking them for liking my work enough to pin it. Rather 'tongue in cheek' but I want it known that is my work. Most of the people are quite apologetic and I have gotten some lovely messages back from them. Then, of course, there's the blatant thievery of work that goes on and that I get upset over. Back in the day when folk art was all the rage I made a series of dolls that I know were unique to me. When I decided to get out of folk art I put my remaining pieces in a yard sale. A few months later I happened to be at a craft sale and a lady was selling my dolls as her own. I didn't make a scene but I did rather loudly comment that wasn't it funny that she had used the exact same design details as what I did. Should have seen the look on her face!!

  6. Dear Karen, what could I say...
    there is just one TODOLWEN and that is YOU!
    Someone who shows himself with someone elses feathers (auf deutsch heißt das: sich mit fremden Federn schmücken) is not worth to talk about.

    Hugs from a great fan

  7. Pinterest has been a blessing and a curse, and has certainly made things murky in terms of copyright. I have so many old photos from my blog that I see being circulated on Pinterest with no byline back to me. Now I TRY (forget a lot of times) to put a watermark of either my copyright or my blog address on each photo I post, including those on blog, etsy, Instagram and Facebook. It gets really tedious but at least I'm identifiable if reposted elsewhere. Sorry this blatant infringement happened to you!!

  8. I've never signed on to Pinterest.. I had my doubts about it early on. It doesn't seem to take long before the originator of whatever is pinned to be lost. And so sad that there are people who will take credit for someone else's work still amazes me. I clearly don't understand that mind set!!! Get on the soap box whenever this happens.

  9. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. What is wrong with people? You have every reason to be up on your soapbox ... I just wish you could get to the bottom of this. This is one of my fears, too!

    Well, you know what they say: what goes around comes around and she'll get hers in the end. I wish I had access, too ...

    Don't like liars and don't like thieves!

  10. It doesn't help when linky-party hosts put a pin-it widget on their site that brings up the Pinterest logo on any picture you hover over. All that does is pin the linkyparty to Pinterest, not back to you, no matter what the party host puts in their rules or suggestions.

  11. One other comment, any pin can be edited for the link, just post on the pin that the pinner needs to correct the link to yours, and provide the correct link. I would think that anyone would be happy to do that if they pinned from another pin without checking the link first.

    1. This is a great idea! though it would take a very long time to comment on all those pins.

      I love Pinterest so much but I never just a pin a pin without following it to make sure it goes to the source...as well as I can.

  12. Some people aren't Pinterest savvy enough to know that the pin should be from the original site. That is the only way it should be done. Watermarking your work would help with artistic infringement.

  13. I am glad so many have repinned with the correct author!

  14. Oh dear, so sad this has happened to you I once ( that I know of), had a lady selling my dolls at a craft show as her own! !Her prices were double my own.
    I am a bit cynical about the Craft World, and now don't show my best pieces on the Internet. I don't like Pinterest, and have never given permission for my work to be pinned, yet there it is- quite a bit of it out there.
    Makes me wonder if blogging is worth doing.

  15. Hi Karen...I'm sorry this hurts you but you still accomplished the sharing you wanted to do. Let it go and all good things will come back to you. Whoever did that has to deal with the Karma...cause and effect.

  16. I'm sorry this happened to you! As a side note.....I love the little butterfly! Where do I find the REAL tutorial? I want to make some. Thanks.

    1. Hi Georgia, you will find it here ..
      http://www.todolwen.ca/2013/01/my-little-tutorial_22.html. I hope you will have making them.
      Karen B.