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Monday, February 2, 2015

A Hint Of Beauty And A Hue Of Pink ..

Hello my dear friends,

the creation I am sharing with you today actually took a little time to come together believe it or not.
At first everything I tried just didn't look right to me until one evening, I just sat down and started 'playing around' and then all of the sudden it was done ... my newest creations.

Only a few days ago I was telling you how I was going back to my basics and today I am sharing something new. I had wanted to create a new nest since some time now and when my sari silk ribbon arrived I knew that I had the right material to work with combined with my hemp and a few other bits and pieces.

The finer shabby white silk was perfect ...

... and so was the ivory sari silk ribbon with all it's pulled threads and fluffy bits.

Pale pink satin became little flowers ... 

 ... with singed edges and little glass bead that live in their midst.

A special little touch ...

... my tiny little flowers which were made in Japan in the 1940's and now over 50 years old but still look like they just started to 'bloom' yesterday ~ so precious.

Vintage pearls ...

... were also a must for this creation.

And what is a nest ...

... without a few little eggs living in it?

 The nest themselves were crochet, quite simple but yet very pretty.

Hand in hand all these the other 'bits and pieces' they had become my newest creations.

'A Hint Of Beauty and A Hue Of Pink' ...
my newest nest creations.

I hope you have enjoyed my latest creations.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back again soon and see what I have been up to.

And last but not least ...

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I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Oh these "nests" are so lovely!I can well appreciate that they took some time to make. Love the flowers too.I love making fabric flowers!

  2. Beautiful, Karen!
    I was thinking Bout making a nest today... I hope to sometime.
    Yours are wonderful!

  3. Everything from your eggs to the wonderful nest and flowers are really beautiful. Your creative muse was having a wonderful time. Just stunning ! Mary

  4. Hi Karen
    These are soooo beautiful these sari ribbon nests! They are so soft and delicate in shades of white, ivory and shell pink with the little gold beads. Beautiful!
    x Suzy

  5. Can I just say OMG!?! Just beautiful. I'm sure each and every bird in God's creation would love to just nest down right here. Thank you for sharing, Karen ... I love it.

    Happy day to you!

  6. Wonderful! So light and delicate, like a wisp of a dream. Thank you for sharing this with us today.

  7. You have to be tickled pink over your latest creations. They are so soft and beautiful and...just perfection.

  8. What an awesome way to 'present' your latest creations...all those tantalizing and intriguing photos leading up to the grand reveal. So very pretty!

  9. These are incredibly beautiful. I felt the love and energy! How did you create the nest itself? Ties, crochet? It's so lovely. I want to make one. x0x0 Thank you.

  10. So lovely! Are those going to be in your Etsy shop?

  11. Absolutely beautiful! A touch of spring in the cold winter weather!

  12. Beautiful. Love those old flowers sooooo much

  13. Oh my goodness, these are just beautiful. What perfect little nests, how delightful. Wouldn't a little bird just love to live in them?

  14. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... it's time for your nests again!
    I love this nests very, very much because of their naturell color and these unbelievable blossoms.

    Hugs Ines♥

  15. Every inch of these nests are so beautiful. You must feel such satisfaction with a job well done.

  16. Your nests are gorgeous!!! Such a lovely post this is too!! :) Wishing you a lovely day! xo Holly