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Monday, July 15, 2013

My Outdoor Project Day 3 And 4 ..

Hello my dear friends,

Friday and Saturday turned out to be day 3 and 4 and work is going slow but I am OK with that now. Again I reached my goal of 4 feet of the river bed on day 3 but again wanted to do more. The next 4 or 5 feet I started I think are the worst of the entire river bed. This is the part where the pool company dumped excess soil into the river bed and I am having to dig through almost a foot off of a clay/soil mixture to get to the river rock and then dig out the river rock and I am not even going to get started about all the weeds and grass growing on top of all this.

I have changed my tools as well, the garden fork is of no use at this moment and it is a labor intense job on my knees and digging every rock out with a little gardening shovel which has taken me at least 3 hours so far and I finish for the first time in any of my outdoor projects and not completing the task I set myself ~ my knees were begging me not to carry on so I didn't.

It became so hot under the sun that I had to get my sun umbrella out again and it helped so much!

This is where I stopped on day 3 ... the heat was too much in the end and I was so worn out. Normally I would push myself but this time I didn't because there is always tomorrow ...

... which was day 4.

 Again the heat and humidity was intense again so I didn't start working until after 4 pm but I did finish the section of the river bed that I wanted to. Unfortunately right at the end I slipped off of a rock and twisted my left ankle, luckily only slightly but enough for it to hurt. This is the ankle that I injured in my fall down my stairs last year ~ so that means a few days of no digging and dragging rocks for me just to make sure things get better. The next step is to move the bridge. This is where I am going to need help for the first time because this little bridge weighs a ton!
I must say I can't wait for this project to be finished ~ I will be so happy. Maybe I will start painting my daughter Caylagh's room the next few days ... not quite sure just yet but what ever I do decided to do, I will share with you lovely bloggers again.
And until then ... I hope you will visit me soon here at Todolwen again.
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. wow it looks great! hope your ankle feels better soon

  2. Karen, don't kill yourself, it's not worth it. You only have one body and your family only has one Mom, and I'm sure they would choose you over a pretty yard.
    Just be careful of this miserable heat. and the yard does look awesome! You know, there are always teenagers around who would be happy to have a few extra dollars if you could give them the heavy work and just supervise for a bit. You, my dear, are a very brave woman! Hugs, Judy