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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Little Time And The Final Touches ..

Hello my dear friends,

on the day the world was going to see the newest member of the Royal Family my laptop was by my side or rather in front of my face almost all day again but I didn't just sit there, I managed to actually do something whilst waiting to see the new baby boy.

I don't know if you can remember my 'vintage feel' ring pillow but I thought I would be so nice to add a little more detailed work to it just to really give it the final touches and that is exactly what I did.

 I haven't embroidered something in some time now but when I look at Jillayne's ~ A Fine Seam ~ beautiful creations with all the beautiful embroidery work to them, I was so inspired and my thoughts went with that idea and I tried to do so and I love the result!

But I didn't stop there just yet ... I love my little flutter~by design and again I took it one step further and crochet one teeny tiny one ~ it now fits onto a penny ~ from sewing thread and gave it a little body with tiny beads too.

Now I love my vintage feel ring pillow with all it little detail and loveliness even more!

And here it is ...

... my now improved ring pillow which I have also given a new name ...

'Vintage Love'.

The changes are only delicate and subtle ones but beyond perfect to give this creation the final touches at last.
My teeny tiny flutter~by fits perfectly onto a penny now ...
... and looks so pretty with the seam binding roses.

I remember when I learnt how to embroider like this in school ...
... I was about 9 or 10 then and now I have discovered my love for it again!
It is amazing what a little time, needle, thread, a few tiny glass beads and crochet hook can do ~ something to keep in mind for future creations because some things are not always done when you think they are!

Last but not least ...

 I will be listing my 'Vintage Love' ring pillow first thing tomorrow morning in my Etsy shop. Maybe it will become a part of some one's very special day one day?!

And finally ...

 I am still not sure what my next creation will be but that is maybe a good thing for a day or two because then I can finally finish my daughter's bedroom.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a  peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Your ring pillow looks wonderfull - everything, the colour, the crocheting and the crinkled binding.
    I´m collecting hand dyied fabric, buttons and yarn and maybe I´ll try something on my own.

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous, as alwyas Karen! Love your details...If I could finishe big project, like getting my flooded rooms finished, I could actual get into my studio! someday soon! I know it will happen. Check out my blog to see the mess!
    Hugs and hearts,

  3. How perfectly charming.. the added embroidery, the sweetest little flutter-by,
    the colors so vintage looking. You do such beautiful work Karen.

  4. Hi Karen,

    your pillow "Vintage Love" looks great. The little Butterfly is charming.

    Have a grat day


  5. Oh so beautiful Karen, truly... As you say, the embroidery is a lovely finishing touch, and a detail that is a gift to both yourself, for the doing of it, and the lucky recipient as they will always enjoy the addition of beautiful stitches, wrought by hand. The connection of thread and cloth, when forged by hand, embraces all who see it.
    you have created something truly wonderful!