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Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Etsy Shop And Shipping Costs

Hello my dear friends,

this is just a short note about a mistake I made in my last listing in my Etsy shop.

I try very hard to calculate the shipping cost for the creations I sell on Etsy but at times I do make mistakes.
I had over calculated the shipping costs for my fabric pouches but I have now corrected this.

 Unfortunately mistakes happen and to tell you the truth some times it is hard to work with Canada Post. One minute something I have calculated is cheaper than I thought it would be and then another time it is much higher than I thought too and this could all be just about a measurement difference of just under a 1/4 inch of thickness in a padded envelope.

But please be assured that if I ever charge you more than I pay at the post office for the shipping on your order I will ALWAYS refund you the difference. I have just done so a few days ago with two lovely ladies that bought a fabric pouch of mine each.

Please don't let this stop you from thinking of purchasing any creations of mine in the future.
Thank you for your understanding.
Karen B.


  1. Do you have a Venture One card from the post office? They are free and save you five percent on all you parcels and purchases. You can get tone by signing up on-line and then they mail you the card. Just show it every time you go to the post office. I have even occasionally even received free express post envelopes in the mail from Canada Post too. I use my grandmother's basic old scale to weigh and measure everything before heading out so I have at least a fairly good idea of how much things will cost by filling out the on-line "find a rate" forms at the Canada Post web site. I too have often found the whole shipping thing most frustrating. I personally think it is the hardest part of selling. Your work is beautiful. thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi sweet girl I'm finally stopping by to catch up on all your post some don't know where to start I love your river rock and have beautiful lips in your garden I would love to do something like that here. And yes I have found some forgotten treasures to many times that I care to admit. I'll clean my studio and reorganize everything and put it away nicely totally forget or stuff as I think I need to make like a legend like you do for a map to find my stuff. It is kind of fun though when you come across something you forgot you had like Christmas morning. Hope your summers going well, it's busy here. we just got home from vacation, trying to get back in the swing.