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Friday, July 26, 2013

And I Calledl It 'Pansy Love' ..

Hello my dear friends,

whilst the weather was being still very hot it was nice to sit inside in the coolness of our house and take some time to create and recreate a few little pretties again apart from painting walls.
I had taken 3 pincushions out of my Etsy shop and recreated them using my stash of crochet pansies.
 I also worked on a few more little fabric pouches with the same theme of crochet flowers for a lovely lady, who missed out on my first one. They will be listed as reserved in my Etsy shop. The pincushions will also be listed as a open listing for anyone to purchase the same time, which will be very early tomorrow morning.

Here is a little preview of my newest creations ...

One, ...

two ...
and three pincushions.
And ...
... three new fabric pouches!
(Don't forget the pouches will be reserved until Judy has seem them first.)
It was so nice being able to sit down and not dig or paint again. I have still so many things to do ... I just received a custom order for some of my little crochet pretties, so that will be my next to~do I need to tend to.
I swear I always do this over and over again ... start too many things all at once! Right now I have so many things that I would like to start but still so many I have to finish! Well, more the reason to get myself in gear and work harder.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. You'r really busy, Karen. I know this Problem too. A Lot to do and just 2 hands.
    Like your little crochet flowers in all colours.

  2. Hi Karen

    your flowers in the colors looks wonderful, I like it.

    I wish you a nice day



  3. Hello Karen,
    You are doing such lovely work,,,, but how about taking time to get some R&R for yourself!
    I know it is hard to do when constantly seeing things that need attention and let’s be honest Karen we never get it all done anyhow….So take a breezer girl!
    Good luck,

  4. You've made the sweetest pansies... one of my favorite flowers.

  5. Your sweet pansies touch my heart! They are my favorite flower! :)

  6. Karen,
    Did you make all of these pansies? they are so gorgeous!
    I was also wondering if you might tell us how to pronounce your blog name ..."Todolwen"?
    I know it's the "old to new" letters rearranged, but I pronounce it a specific way in my mind, and
    wonder how YOU pronounce it!If you have already done a blogpost on it, might you point me in that direction so
    I can find it and be pronouncing it properly?
    Feel free to let me know at my blog if you prefer. Love your beautiful creations!

  7. your flowers are amazing, you are very telented. greetings from Poland