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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Sad Change To Todolwen ..

Hello my dear friends,

a lady from the States recently replied to an comment of mine which I made to her about my thoughts that she copied one of my tutorials. A part of her reply was that when you make a free tutorial people would make the creations from it and post about them. And I agree that is what is meant to happen with free tutorials. I absolutely love seeing my free tutorials used and the creations made from them but I have issues when they get copied and someone else claims my designs.
 (This is still an on going thing for me unfortunately!)

A few days ago I found another pin on Pinterest which led to a blog in Italy that had an almost perfect copy of my 'flutter~by' design, namely the drawing, which was almost identical as if it had been traced. It was just too much the same for it to be a coincidence in my book. I commented on the blog and received an answer that didn't make me any happier due to what this lady said, which was the following:

"The butterfly is a simple little idea that I had a month ago, the net is full of butterflies are very similar and no one can lay claim to copyright, the copyright is valid on photos, drawings, texts and all those who are in my blogs are created by me and definitely not stolen from other blogs, I do a lot of attention to these things."

Therefore ...

 ... it makes me so sad but I have decided not to display anymore new free tutorials on Todolwen.

 If  and when I might do so again, I will do it differently in the future.
 I will share that I have created a new free tutorial and if you wish to have it, all you have to do is drop me a line via e-mail and I will send it to you. Each tutorial will include a clause stating that the tutorial itself may not be shared on the web in part or in full. Of course I would love to see all of your finished creations that may result from my tutorials ~ I always have and that is something that won't change for anything!

 After you have read this I am sure some of you may think I am being a little touchy or over sensitive ... the only thing I can say to that is: Yes I am, but right now this is how I feel and I hope you understand my decision because I did not make it lightly.

It is such a shame that some people out there just can stop themselves from doing this and their attitude that goes with it.

Many hugs to you all, my dear blogger friends.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. I understand.............enjoy your day.

  2. I totally understand. I have used your tutorial for the hymn feather over and over, it's spectacular, BUT I always make sure to make mention of you, via your blog address, as original creator. I will continue to do the same, if that's alright??? blest be ;D

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  4. Hello Karen,

    I understand.... have a nice day.


  5. I don't blame you one bit. Some people have no integrity and will pirate whatever is out there and lay claim to it. I am saddened by this too. Stay creative and don't let this fill your time or mind. Hugs, Nan

  6. I totally agree with what you're doing Karen, it's really too bad that others have such a sense of entitlement. I think you've made the right decision.
    Also, blogger has eliminated my blog, and I can't get it back. I don't know what happened, but I've started a new one that can be accessed through my comment. I hope you come by and visit!

  7. it's a shame, but I absolutely understand, I also wouldn't want to see my time and effort being "wasted". Wish u all the best for the future!

  8. Totally understand and so sorry that happened. A shame that generous acts of sharing are so treated!

  9. It is such a shame that there are folk out there who have no integrity or shame *sigh* You are doing the right thing, sweetie, and I too am sorry that it has had to come to this (((hugs)))

  10. How sad! I understand completely, but it's just sad that some people have no moral compass. Sorry you've had to make this decision.

  11. Karen, my heart feels sad for you. For such a giving person like you to have to "put up" with those who are so crass and who steal your wonderful ideas -- well let's just say that I don't blame you for taking the steps you have.

    Just keep in mind that you have to do what's right for you and nobody else.


  12. Wie traurig!
    Es ist doch Ehrensache, dass man angibt, wo man eine Idee gesehen hat! Wer so grosszügig Ideen teilt wie du, darf erwarten, dass man erwähnt wird.
    Ich hab dich ja auch verlinkt, als ich deine Spitzenkarten Nachgearbeitet habe...

  13. So sad, that is why I hardly blog anymore....

  14. Oh Karen, I am so sorry, I try really hard to link to my sources as I post materials, but not everyone does. I thank you for the ones you have posted in the past, I really use the origami butterfly often.

    I'm sorry you had to make this decision, but I do understand.

    I can't wait to see Vicki's nests incorporating your contributions.

  15. I totally agree and understand your dilemna.
    It's a sad state of affairs, but it doesn't seem to be changing for the better. For those who take your creations and claim them as their own.. a pox on thee!!!!

  16. Quel dommage mais je comprends votre réaction. Face aux indélicatesses de certaines il faut réagir, ne pas se laisser faire. Je continue à vous suivre avec beaucoup de bonheur, vous créez de si belles choses.

  17. UNfortunately, there will be always someone who is "very smart" and that will use somebody elses ideas as his own. I had also many problems, they claim my ideas as theirs, an even took my photos as theirs...I'm so sorry that people do not have any creative ideas...I even wrote that I will give them a few...there is no need to steal... but...
    Anyhow, your work is recognizable as well as the quality...
    I wish you all the best.

  18. What a beautiful Blog! I enjoy to be here.
    What a sad thing...that somebody stolled your ideas.
    When I will use some of your ideas, I will always link you!

    I hope you understand my English ;-).

    Take care. Don`t worry be happy!

    Yours Jutta:-)

  19. I understand and I don't blame you for changing how you share your tutorials. I'm glad you have found a way to share them in the future! I really don't understand why some people find it so hard to give credit to someone who has created something. I'm just happy to have the knowledge and feel no need to say I thought it up. I have your paper feathers all over my house!! I'll never understand some people.

    Keep creating!

  20. Behind you 100%! I can't grasp when people act like that - I think the email idea is genius. Your work is so unique & beautiful please continue for the rest of us that adore your creations. The minute I read that you were teaming with Vicky I couldn't get an email off fast enough to reserve a nest!! Love your work and wish your heart peace!

  21. I don't thing you are being touchy at all! I recently made some small strawberry pincushions. I gave credit to the two patterns I used and the blog that I got my inspiration from. I wouldn't have thought NOT to do that. Sadly, and all too often, people are taking designs from artists and claiming them for their own. They think if they change one thing, it makes a difference...NOPE, NO WAY, NO HOW! It's sad you will have to change the way you do a tutorial and that neither woman had the grace to apologize.

  22. Karen, I love your blog, your ideas inspire and delight my senses! And, I am not sad one bit....your awareness of how folks are "stealing" from you is a gift....now you do not have to search around looking for who is stealing and can just spend that time and energy creating more beautiful, delightful and lovely things to put in your Etsy shop and to share creation techniques, one at a time directly through e-mail with one who writes to say, "YES" I would love to get some fine directions from you...it is, I believe, a total winning decision on your part...Just think of how much negative energy you had to take inside every time you saw your instructions and diagrams copied by that "very smart and creative" artist who is now posting the information on the web....You are in the seat of comfortable driving as you share your world with people who so desire to walk along with you, stop and share a cup of tea with you, "talk" about process and exchange thoughts and ideas....I see freedom for you to spread your wings and just fly on the wind with the wonderfulness that is your creative energy.
    Thank you so much for all you have shares, all you have shown and most of all, thanks for being the you that is so wonderful

  23. Morning Karen, sadly you are not alone on others stealing ideas. Need to call it for what it is, STEALING!!! Sorry you have had to experience it. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

  24. Sorry to hear- don't stress over it... I had people actually photograph and measure my items I spent so much hard work to develop... when I wanted to use someone's idea I was always careful to buy at least one and then change the item significantly and not from my neighbor. Your work is touches the soul with its rtistry... hope you'll continue. Blessings.

  25. I think you have taken the right decision. If people can't respect this then you have to stop putting it on your blog. People have no respect for others work. It is correct that it is STEALING your work.
    I don't think you are touchy. Just honest.
    Hugs from Lina in Denmark

  26. Good for you Karen - you own your ideas and it makes perfect sense to "own" how they are shared. I am so impressed with how you have handled this, with such grace...

  27. Well-- when you are super talented and so very generous-- people just want to be like YOU!! We all love you and support you in this situation-- (there is always somebody who has to ruin the fun)----

    Don't worry - your friends will be emailing you right and left for your considerate offers to share your tutorials--

  28. This makes me sad, too, Karen. I so enjoy coming in to your blog and learning to make something fun and beautiful. I loved making the feather and my nieces and I made a bunch of the paper butterflies. You know I love your etsy goods, also. The person or people that do this need a spanking!