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Friday, July 5, 2013

My Garden In Bloom ..

Hello my dear friends,

I haven't shared photos from my garden since a while but since it is all in bloom I would love to do so today.

Everything took much longer to grow this year. It was actually early June before any color started to appear and my flowers started to bloom but now everything is so beautiful. The weather was the reason for my plants not doing so well... at first. We had a long winter, and spring started late too but now that the weather has picked up and we are finally in summer, the plants have started to grow like crazy.

My tiger lilies are 5 feet tall this year. When I was gifted my first little plant from my lovely neighbour Katherine, it was a small thing with only three leaves and now look at it!



And this is my first year of my lavender re-blooming.

I was so worried about my little old rosebush because 10 days ago it didn't have a single flower and now look at it!

So many beautiful roses ...

... and they are starting to grow through the other side of the fence too.

And of course the little chip monk is still here too.
But not all is well in my garden because I am not a good gardener by far.
I was really silly with something I have done that might have damaged my Yasmin tree beyond recovery.
Last year I was gifted with an old metal gate which I placed near the tree and to keep it upright I drove a iron stake into the ground and unfortunately with all the rain we had it started to rust and the tree fell ill because of it. I am hoping after I have now removed the gate and metal stake it won't be too late for my tree to get well again. I will keep you up to date on it in a future post.
Silly me didn't even think of it when I saw that my lavender plant was dying that was living right in front of the gate and iron stake but it seems to be getting a little better already.
And last but not least ...
I have just taken on another task for this summer ... I am planning on painting my younger daughter Caylagh's  bedroom and she would also like me to take a part of her wall unit out as well. I just hope that it will go well. I will try and not to forget to take some before and after photos to share with you.
And finally ...
Remember I was giving the master bedroom a makeover?! Well, I am still working on it. The painting is done and all the rough work is done too, I just need to find a few things like picture frames before I am done. All I can tell you is that it looks very different and I love it so far.  Of course I will again share more photos once things are sorted and finished.
So .. don't forget to stop by here at Todolwen from time to time and see what I have been up to.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day, 
Karen B.


  1. Just beautiful and your little chipmunk is the cutest. My fingers are crossed that your tree can recover. Enjoy! ~Nan

  2. Your gardens are coming along so beautiful Karen, My tiger lilies haven't come out yet, they're a little behind. Love your roses and lavender! Hope all goes well with your tree, and give the chipmunk a treat for me!

  3. Hi Karen- your flowers are magnificent-- so are the photos-- beautiful colors-- and the little chip monk is adorable. I hope your new projects go well- you're going to be really busy!