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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Special Wedding Gift ..

Hello my dear friends,

about 4 weeks ago I went to my daughter Ashleigh's best friend Briannah's  wedding and it was so lovely and of course I cried.

This is the beautiful bride ...

... on the day of  her wedding with her Mom helping her to get ready. 
 There was just one little thing though ... it started to rain from mid morning and didn't stop until after the ceremony. One thing I didn't know was that it is actually considered good luck in some countries when it rains on your wedding day which is nice.

Whilst we were just getting ready to leave, my daughter Caylagh said it would be really neat if the bride would place a cup outside to catch some of the rain as a momento of her wedding day. Knowing how busy she was, I wasn't sure if she would or not so, so I did. So just before we left the house, I placed 2 containers on our back deck, in hope they would catch a little rainwater which I am so happy to say ~ they did! ( Sorry, no picture of it, I was in a rush.)

Now I only had to find the right way to make it into something special to give to the new bride. My daughter Caylagh made a suggestion again and told me to use a small glass vial but that wasn't what I had in mind really ~ I wanted it a little bigger than that.

I found a perfect bottle for this creation at Michaels and it looks just like an old apothecary bottle and it even has a glass stopper!

It took me some time to finally get around to making this creation and once completed and I just needed to wrap it up nicely. I chose plain white tissue paper and white seam binding that was crinkled and I love how beautiful it looked just simple and elegant.

And this is what I had hiding under the white delicate paper ...

... my gift for the lovely bride which I named ...
...  'A Beautiful Day'.
In my little book perfect in each and every way to remember a special rainy day!



I am so thankful and happy that my daughter Caylagh told me about this idea and that it turned out so lovely. I can also tell you that the bride loved it too which again just made me smile and I hope that you too like my newest creation.
Because I love to share how I make some of my creations, I actually took photos whilst I was working on this one and I am now working on putting a tutorial together for you lovely bloggers. You never know, maybe one day you might be able to use it. I am hoping to have the tutorial done with in the next few days and then you will be able to find it here on Todolwen.
Thank you so much for visiting me again, here at Todolwen ~ it is all so nice when you do.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. A lovely gift, Karen, put together with elegance and beauty.

  2. Such a beautiful idea, Karen. Truly one-of-a-kind and so very meaningful.

  3. What a lovely thing to do! How I wish I had known about this when our #1 son and daughter-in-love got married because it poured on their day too.

  4. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift! The young couple ought to treasure it!

  5. What a lovely lovely gift. You did it up so beautifully.

  6. That's a lovely gift capturing Heaven's tears of joy for the happy couple!

  7. I do not know the faith of these people, but in my world this would really be special if she was able to add a few drops of that to the water of Holy Baptism for babies in the future.

  8. A wonderful gift for a wonderful event. You have amazing ideas. Always look forward to your posts.

  9. Ahhhh.... ohhhh... my wedding was a rainy one too. I know, that the rain should bring luck, but not about catching some drops of it. Such a lovely present for such a lovely bride.

    Hugs Ines♥

  10. Oh what a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

  11. What an absolutely fabulous idea Karen - no wonder she was thrilled with it. I'm looking forward to seeing the tutorial - did you crochet the tiny doiley too? I'd like to make some of those ...... Thanks for sharing such a lovely idea with us.

  12. How utterly wonderful this story was. Thank you

  13. What a wonderful idea! Yes, rain on the big day IS considered good luck - it rained on our day over 34 years ago.... ;)

  14. Just found your blog via pinterest...how pretty it is! Love this idea - it rains a lot here, so I'll keep this one in mind.