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Friday, December 14, 2012

Please Pray ...

 My dear friends,

... please pray for all that have been affected by the most horrible happenings in Connecticut!
much love
Karen B.


  1. Karen I just came on to ask all my blog friends the same. My heart is so sick right now. I can't even bare to think what these families and this community are going through right now.

  2. This is a sad day. My heart is heavy.

  3. Our hearts are heavy with sadness and grief. Healing Prayers for all affected.

  4. i join you in prayer and in sorrow. my heart breaks...

  5. I have just read the news on-line... What a horror! The parents are surely devastated, my thoughts are with them too.

  6. I am grateful that the comfort of the Savior will be with these families and the community and entire nation as we work through this. I pray for them to be strengthed, filled with the healing love of Christ and faith that they will see their loved ones again in the next life. It is such a sad, heart wrenching thing...all our hearts are heavy...Love will help us find our way. I also pray for the family of the man who did this. So hard, from every side....

  7. Nous pensons beaucoup à eux, des familles ravagées par la douleur de la perte d'un être chéri ! une prière pour tous ceux qui sont dans la peine ! amitiés, Ladyfée