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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All It Takes ... Part 2

Hello my dear friends,

I am so happy that you decided to visit me again!
This is the 'part 2 'of my 'All It Takes' creations and it is like a sister piece to the first one.  In this one too I have used little bleached bottle brush trees and a little critter made of pewter but I have used a different tarnished piece as the stand. The snow was a must again too. I used to use this type of snow when I used to tole paint many years ago and just thought it would be something really neat to try and bring into my creations these days. All in all it has turned out to be just right in every way.

My second 'All it takes' creation ...



I hope you have enjoyed my latest creation.
 Why not try and make your own 'All It Takes' ~ find a piece that normally wouldn't really appeal to you and think out side of the box. You will be amazed at what you might think of and what a beautiful creation you might make.
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind my dear friends.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B. 


  1. I love your newest creation! So so pretty and unitque.

  2. Magical!!! I love it all! :)
    ~ Zuzu

  3. This is just as precious as the first creation. Love the little rabbit amongst the trees. Holiday Bliss...

  4. Awesome!I was so excited to see your post this morning.It was well worth the wait.Christmas Blessings,Jen

  5. Oh my, that is so gorgeous. It is so much my style, I love the pictures!

  6. This is as sweet and precious as it's companion.
    Love the little rabbit (I'm partial to little rabbits!).

  7. Karen--- forget being jealous-- I'm just plain gaga over these!! What a wonderfully creative idea-- love love love!!

  8. Gorgeous!! Would you share what you used to make the snow? Pretty please :) hugs from Conroe, Texas