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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Has Arrived ..

Hello my dear friends,

here it is  ... Christmas Eve and I am busy as ever.
Our Christmas tree is up and ...


... looking lovely and very festive with all it's treasures of glass.
Our cats like the tree so much that they take turns sleeping underneath it.
We were lucky that we had a little snow and I was able to find my outdoor lights in my basement mess and ...

... everything is so magical outside at night.
(sorry, if the pictures are a bit blurred)

 In our home we have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and not Christmas Day. We started to do this many years ago whilst my husband was still in the military. It worked for us to ensure we would have plenty of time on Christmas Day to have fun with our girls and not having to be in the kitchen all day. So my turkey is already roasted as I am writing this post to share with you. I would like to share something else with you today. I learnt this from my husband, who is British. It is something that is done in the UK when cooking your Christmas turkey.
~ Bacon wrapped sausages ~
Take a packet of breakfast sausages and a packet of bacon. Cut the sausages into halves and the bacon slices in half. Then wrap a piece of bacon around a half of breakfast sausage and using a toothpick attack it by sticking the toothpick into the turkey. Once cooked and a nice golden brown color, take them off the turkey and set them aside for dinner. These little tasty bits will baste your turkey so nicely and they taste so good too. 
I have a few more last gifts to wrap to get everything ready for tomorrow and I actually have to make one last gift today still ~ it is a heating pillow that can be placed in the microwave and it's a little something for my hubby. Otherwise I think and hope I have everything else done. The last thing I have to do right now is ...
... to wish you a wonderful Christmas Eve!!!
This evening hug your child or children a little longer and think how blessed you are that you can do so. Or if you don't have children, hug your husband, wife or partner. Hug your sister, brother, mother, father or friend.
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind my dear friends.
Wishing you a peaceful Christmas Eve where ever you are ...
much love and hugs,
Karen B.


  1. Merry Christmas!Thanks for the recipe and the lovely eye candy!Really love the kitty present.LOL!Hugs,Jen

  2. Feliz Navidad desde España. Un arbol precioso y un gato adorable.

  3. Merry Christmas Karen-- your Christmas tree and decorations are SO lovely!! I love the kitties sleeping under the tree-- ours do that too!

  4. Hi Karen

    The cats sleeping under the tree are precious. Maybe they think they are outside and dreaming of what they will chase.

    Also the sausages sound like a great idea. at thanksgiving when the turkeys were on sale down in the US I bought 2 small ones and put one in the freezer for later in the winter. I am going to try the sausages when I cook it.

    Thanks for the recipe and all the tutorials you so readily share with us all through the year.

    May the New Year bring you a finished basement.