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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Little Setback? ..

Hello my dear friends,

we all have these I am sure when we are creating ... little setbacks!

Right now I am having one of those with the large bottle brush trees I bought last week. I used one of my afternoons to bleach some more little bottle brush trees and thought I might as well start with the large ones too and to my dismay ... they won't bleach!!!! I had one tree sitting in my bleach solution for almost an hour and ... nothing happened whilst all my other trees now are a lovely cream color! It didn't even go a tiny shade lighter in color. So now I am thinking what I could do to give the tree a different look. I am not sure if I should spray paint it off-white or maybe just cover it in lots and lots of glitter ... I really don't know right now. I am just wondering ... is it a setback or just a new little challenge for me to figure out? Right now I am still working on the answer to that but I will let you know once I have found out.
To give you a little update on our basement project ... we are hoping that everything that our contractor will be finished on Dec 6th ~ fingers crossed! (to tell you the truth I can't see it happening as of right now)
Otherwise I am very busy. I seem to have several ideas that are floating around in my head and I am actualy taking the time to create them! I will be sharing them with you very soon.
  Just a little photo to share with you that I took a few days ago.
A few tiny pine cones, a bit of fir tree and a vintage old tart tin ~ a little Christmas delight.
And finally ... 
I am still working on my Christmas cards for the swap with Jillayne and I am very close to completing them now so I thought I would share a little part of them with you today again.

I have been busy in my studio and already have a few new creations lined up to share with you so why not stop by and take a look again soon.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind my dear friends.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B. 


  1. Definitely not a set back but a challenge!I am sure it is one that you will soon conquer too.Love the old tin mold,such a pretty pic.Have fun crafting,Jen

  2. I've had so many pieces not change color, mostly fabric, though. I cannot think why they will not fade or change. Please let us know if you find out, as it puzzles me, as well.

    Adore your tin image with the petite cones, so precious.