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Monday, April 30, 2012

Such A Good Weekend ..

Hello my dear friends,

I was actually very busy this past weekend. Not only did I go to one church sale with my two sweet daughters, no ... I visited three and I found new treasures as well which I will share with all you lovely bloggers later in this post.

I still am working on new creations, which I would love to share with you but I can't ... well, not right now. The only thing I can say is that they are Christmas themed. Well, I could just give you another teeny weeny sneak peak if that's OK with you ~ also later in this post.

I was actually able to put a 'normal' shoe on my sore foot today and I went into the garden/yard and I managed to cut my lawn!! I was so happy!! I am getting better and better every day. I only just noticed a big bump on my left shoulder a few days ago from where I hit the floor and I am hoping that it too will be gone soon. I have set myself a deadline for my outdoor project and that is my birthday ~ June 2nd. I can't believe that I am going to be ... half a century old! But no more talk of that for now! My daughter Ashleigh tells me not to look at my age but to celebrate the day I was born, so that is what I am going to do!!

One nice thing I discovered on the internet today was a post about me and my creations. The person that wrote the post about me was Corey Amaro from France. Every Saturday she talks about an artist that she admires and I was blessed to be the one she wrote about. She wrote so many nice things about me and my art. Thank you, dear Corey ~ you are so very kind and have made my heart jump today! Here is a link to Corey's blog and to the article she wrote about me if you might be interested in what she wrote or just pop over and take a look at her blog!


This weekend has been a very kind to me  .. because I was also so very lucky to be one of the two extra giveaway winners that sweet Tina in Denmark from 'TinyBear Studio' decided to pick ~ it is a surprise and I am so excited about it!!! Of course as soon as I know what it is so will you!

And now a few photos of my newest findings ...

... lovely vintage doillies ...

... old knitted lace or trim ... 

... some beautiful white on white embroidery ...

...some more crochet ...

... bits and pieces ...

... including delightful pansies!

And last but not least ...

... my teeny weeny sneak  peak.

This is one of my Christmas creations I have been working on! I am sorry but right now thats all I can share with you at this moment in time.

It was so nice that you have dropped by again here at Todolwen and I would love for you to visit me  soon again.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. I found your site through a link to the hymnal feather tutorial on the French blog Soupieres & Vielles Dentelles. Beautiful things and I pinned a couple of your tutorials with links back to your site. I hope that many more find your creations!

  2. Yes, that is how I found your blog - through Corey's blog, which I visit daily! The hymnal feather caught my attention and I think my 13 year old granddaughter and I will be making some of those together! You have a beautiful blog and I am recommending it to my friends. You're in my favorites now!

  3. You found some beautiful pieces...love the white on white especially! Thanks for the link to Corey's blog...I love new blogs!!