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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kissed By The Frost

Hello my dear friends,

as you know I have been working on a few Christmas creations lately that I unfortunately won't be able to share with you properly yet. (I do have reasons and I will tell you as soon as I can.) One thing I would like to share with you though is a little something that I have really taken to.

In my primitive creations I used to use pip berries a lot because of their look. I still use pip berries these days especially with my Christmas makings but I don't just use them as they are ... I have them kissed by the frost!! Well, not really but they look like they have been.  How? ...  add a dusting of fine crystal glitter that's how. I am in love with this look and last night I tried this with mini pine cones too and they look pretty.

I am sure most of you lovely bloggers know how to 'glitter' something, but I just thought just in case I would refresh your memory with a little how~to. I love using Martha Stewart's fine crystal glitter mainly, it is perfect for the effect I am looking for.

All it takes to add that extra little touch to your Christmas creation is a paintbrush, tacky glue and fine crystal glitter.

Pick up a tiny bit of tacky glue with your paintbrush and when using pip berries, give them a thin coat of glue and then cover them with the glitter.

When using pine cones, pick up some glue with your paintbrush and then lightly brush over the edges of all the segments of the pine cone and dip them into the glitter. Make sure to shake the excess off. Place your berries and pine cones on a piece of wax paper to dry.

This is such a lovely look ... as if it was just kissed by the frost.

I hope you liked my little how~to today. Try it some time and see what a difference a touch of glitter .. I mean a touch of frost can do to your Christmas creation.

It would be lovely if you were to come back soon again and you would visit me here at Todolwen. Until then ...

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

I wish you a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. How pretty and lovely. They look so sweet placed together in the vintage tin. Thank you for the great instructions.

  2. I love the sweet kiss of frost ~ Just beautiful!!!

  3. It does look like they were kissed by the frost!
    ...very pretty!

  4. Dearest Karen
    Magical and so perfect for our Christmassy pieces.

    Thank you for your lovely tutorial - wonderful photos!

    I've filed this away for when I return from France in late July!
    I'll make a start on Christmas - are you able to tell me where I can buy the pip berries on line, as I haven't seen them here in New Zealand.
    I also would love to buy those tiny brush Christmas trees to bleach and glitter.

    Wishing you a wonderful Spring week!



  5. Karen,
    Oh no, don't tease me like this! Why are you making Christmas in May???? Hummmm:)
    I just caught up on some other posts & boy girl your such an inspiration! I just pinned your beautiful sewing notion display. What a great idea, it's wonderful!