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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Still Here...

Hello my dear friends,

it has been a full week since my last post already. I haven't been up and about too much since my foot is still very swollen but I did go out on Saturday to one church sale but then straight back home to rest and I was really lucky to find a new treasure on my outing. Otherwise I spent most of the last week either resting or trying to make some new creations.

You won't believe it but I am already in Christmas mode! I know so early but there is a reason for it which I will share with you soon I hope but I will give you a tiny sneak peak on what I have been working on today. As well as that I am working on another new creation that I am hoping to have completed soon and then I will share it with you lovely bloggers.

And these are my newest findings from the weekend before my accident ...

Lots of lovely ...

... vintage lace ...

... hand crochet trim ...

... a beautiful tattered old hanky ...

... two pairs of vintage sewing scissors and this ...

... the most precious rosary!
 I found this treasure at the church sale last Saturday ~ isn't it beautiful?!


And last but not least ...

... my little red feathered friend that visits our garden every day now ~ I love to watch him whilst I am writing on my blog. He brings me so much joy!

Can you see the ground all covered up and ready for the next step? ~ sigh ~ I can't wait to get back into working on my outdoor project which will hopefully be sooner than later!!

And finally my sneak peak for you ...

This is all I am going to let you see at this moment in time.

I am so happy that you have visited Todolwen today ~ it means so much to me! I hope to see you here soon again!

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Dear Karen,
    I am glad you are back I missed your posts, can't wait to see the Christmas creation - I am always in a Christmas mood. Do take the time to rest and not do too much so your ankle will heal. Have a great day! Pam

  2. Oh you terrible tease, that last photo is so delicious and promises so much. Don't make us wait too long, we need to see more pics!
    So sorry to hear that your foot is still troubling you so much. I hope it will get better real soon.
    Oh, and the rosary is simply beautiful.

  3. so happy that you are atleast up and about. must have made you feel a whole lot better once you snagged THOSE finds??? LOVE! ;)

  4. Karen, you lucky one! To find such treasures... I hope you get better everyday as I am always looking forward to your postings! Greets, Manu

  5. Hi Karen,

    Beautiful vintage lace!
    Great finds,


  6. Beautiful vintage lace!
    Have a great WE!
    Hugs Nadia

  7. All of these pictures are truly splendid and worth-watching.But I really love that Locket that You picked from church..That is so awesome and unique.Thank you very much for sharing.keep posting