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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Just In Time ... My Little Halloween Piece ..

Hello my dear friends,

apart from not being a Autumn person,  I am also not really a Halloween person. I loved Halloween as a young child and I loved to get dressed up all the time and not just for that one special night.

Here I am as a skater wearing my Aunt's ice skating outfit. I think I was just two in this photo.

After spending a lot of my childhood in Europe where Halloween wasn't known, I think I just lost the love for it and never found it again.

I have actually not once made a single creation since I have started blogging or even before that has to do with Halloween but I thought I might make something little this year. I had tried two years ago and I had actually started to created something for the spooky night of the year and that is how far I got ... I started and that is where it ended that time but that isn't where it was going to end this year.

I must say that I did had fun creating my first pumpkin so I thought it would be neat to create another one but this one a little more halloweeny and it has turned out exactly the way I wanted it too.

To 'Halloweenize'

 ... to give something or somebody a hint of darkness and ghoulishness and/or spookiness.
(that is my personal definition)
And here it is, my little piece of darkness ...

...  my 'Blackened Pumpkin'.

 I had never know, how hard it can be to try and take photographs of something black but I hope you will still enjoy the ones I am sharing today.

Do you see my little spider hanging around?!

He is the little thing I had created two years ago.
I am not sure if you can tell but he is made from two different sized jingle bells that I had soldered together which I is something I had also had never tried before.

Now he lives on my little black pumpkin and is quite happy doing so.

A small piece form an old doily and some black dyed seam binding worked perfectly to give this creation it neat look.

I seem to have a thing for those twirly things that pumpkins have and that why any pumpkin I will ever make, is going to have them.

I think my little black pumpkin turned out quite nice even though it might not be so spooky after all.

I hope you have enjoyed my little Halloween piece today and I would love for you to visit me sometime again, it would be so nice.

I hope you are well me dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Oh my, I just adore this pumpkin!

  2. Black velvet, yummmmmmm. Your pumpkin is gorgeous and just look at ya all dressed up, you little cutie!

  3. I would call this "Spooky Elegance". I love, love it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a creative day, Pam

  4. In the last picture, it goes absolutely beautiful with the cobweb look-a-like piece of lace in the backdrop. Very elegant. Nice use of your scary spider also. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. I don't think this little pumpkin is the least bit spooky - I would use the word 'elegant' instead, as I see a few other people have said as well.

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ... I just love the "twirly things" the best. Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Dear Karen, how sweet you looks at that old photo, of you, wearing the wonderful ice skating outfit!
    And your Halloween pumpkin, maybe more elegant, than scary, is fantastic !Karen you have so many amazing ideas...a spider made from gingle bells!!! Oh , I think he also adds to the elegance, compared with the ones in black plastic ,normally found in the shops !! Love him hanging around ,everywhere on your pumpkin !! A gorgeous piece, dear.

  8. I love your black pumpkin and your cute little spider! I think it is very Halloweenie! I love it! Thanks for sharing. Love ya' Patricia B

  9. Eekkkk, Your spider is perfect for the black pumpkin! I love it!! JodiB.