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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

At Last It Is Done ..

Hello my dear friends,

I have been really busy these past days again but not with anything creative really but hard work instead. Today I am so happy that the time has come to say 'good bye to my trusted helpers ...

... my working gloves.

This then means that my outdoor project, our river bed that I started in 2013 is finally finished!
(she dances the gig happily to herself)

And this is what it looked like when I started at the beginning of  last summer ...

... many, many weeds, twigs, branches and dirt that needed all getting rid of.

Our river bed is a decorative one which hides a drainage system underneath it.
It is approx. 75 feet in length and between 4 and  6 feet in width and in places up to a foot deep.

Some of you were saying they would love to see it filled with water and a few week ago that happened when it had rained very intensely ...

... but this flood wasn't too bad.

In 2011 our backyard was flooded the worst ever. Over half of it was under water and I stood almost up to my waist in it trying to find and clear the opening to the storm drain which had been covered by the previous owners so the water could slowly drain away.

 I actually think it looks amazing!

And here it is ...

 ... our river bed today ...

... absolutely beautiful!

It has taken me two summers, many, many hours, several bruises and cuts and sore bones to move every single rock and I promise you there are thousands, I have also pulled every single weed out, removed unneeded soil and save thousands of worms and all that hard work was so worth it. Now my project is finally completed and I love the way it looks.

Now all I wondering is, what I am going to get up to next summer?!  ... Who knows?
But what ever it might be, I will be sure to share.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. It looks fantastic.The time and effort that you have put into it really shows. Great job!

  2. Bravo for a job well done and for your perseverance! Another creative job done! :)

  3. Well done. That must have been back breaking work. Better woman than me.

  4. Such hard work but so worth the effort, well done you .
    I know exactly how you feel now it's finished. I've worked on so many projects since we've lived in France, but unfortunately for me those days are gone. I send you some tender caring words 'Please take care of your back'

  5. It's a great improvement and will give you joy every time you look at it .

  6. Oh Karen... you are amazing! The riverbed is looking great.
    But I don't know, if I should tell you, what I have seen first, when I have had a look at your blog post...
    I saw the gloves and it was a Halloween thought. They looked like white hands for me first :-).

    Hugs Ines♥

  7. Karen,
    Let’s hope you are in good shape when it needs to be redone in a few years.
    What a job it was!!!... Looks great!
    Karen you deserve a day off to be pampered.

  8. It looks really gorgeous, well done!

  9. You should be very proud of all your effort with this project. It looks amazing!

  10. Amazing effort and a job well done. Makes my back ache just thinking about all that rock moving, weed pulling, and putting it all back together. Hats off to you.

  11. What hard work and determination can achieve is remarkable, very, very well done, I would suggest you stand up and take a bow - but only a small bow or your poor back might just get stuck. It's FAB !!

  12. It looks awesome! Congratulations on getting it all done!

  13. Your new river bed is beautiful and will serve you well. Congratulations on completing a job well done.

  14. Oh I think it was so worth every stone you layed there Karen. I can tell that it was a huge job but how satisfying to see it all finished and actually working!
    xox Suzy

  15. All your hard work has paid off-- the riverbed is simply beautiful-- what an amazing project!