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Sunday, February 2, 2014

At Minus 35 ..

Hello my dear friends,

can you believe it?... I went out at minus 35 in hope to take a few photos a few days ago!
 And this is what I meant when I said that sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and just go that little bit further than you normally would. It was a such neat thing to do but happy when I was back home and warm again. My legs were still cold an hour later after only walking for about 15 minutes but I was OK with that. I just loved being outside that moment in time.

And here are the few photos I took on my very short walk.

I couldn't believe it when I saw ducks sleeping in the icy water ...
... I just wanted to take them all home and keep them warm.
Islands of ice ad snow were growing in the cold water as it tries to freeze.

Isn't it amazing how beautiful it looks?! 
The sun was shining very bright and a brisk cold wind was blowing ... some what magical!
Today I wish you all a magical moment!
I hope you are my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day.
Karen B. 


  1. This is seriously cold.. and I think those ducks can deal with it better than you! The pictures are wonderful. (Glad you didn't get frostbit, that can happen all to quickly at those temps!)

  2. Ooh. You are a brave soul. 15 minutes would be the max. Beautiful photos, though.

  3. Beautiful pictures, everything looks so peaceful.


  4. Brrrr....Gorgeous photos...Thank you for being brave to venture out in this cold to bring us these..I too wanted to bring the ducks home to keep warm...A beautiful post....Keep Warm Hugs May x x x

  5. Wir haben nicht wirklich Winter, es ist hier viel zu warm....
    Danke für deine bezaubernden Fotos! Die Enten sind süss :)

  6. Beautiful but brrr!! That is too cold for me! Eleanor x

  7. Lovely photos! I commend your spirit!

  8. So cold but so beautiful. Thank you for posting these stunning photos, this has been my magical moment today
    Rosie x

  9. Thanks a lot for sharing these wonderful pictures Karen!
    I know -40°C from finnland during my 2 month of studying at the university of Lapland in rovaniemi at the polar cirle. It was unbelieveable cold and so I can imagine what you have done for these pictures.

    Greetings from Germany
    Ines ♥

  10. I was in sub zero temps to get photos too, and I know what you mean about being there in that moment of time. Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for braving the cold!

  11. Truly breathtaking, Karen! I love the 'frost flowers' that are blossoming out of that snow island in the pool of water. And I can't even imagine how those ducks are managing to endure the cold!

  12. AMazing pictures Karen. I think my fav is the woods with the sun peeking through. My uncle had his own ducks and we would have to go over and help break the ice off the duck pond in their little pond.
    They have oily skin that protects them.. insulates them from the cold.