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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Same Old Subject Again ..

Hello my dear friends,

 here I am yet again talking about the same old thing but I need to air about this because it is wrong. I hope I don't bore you with this subject because that is not my intention. I need to talk about it again and not only for my sake but also for other bloggers and designers like you out there.

I know my work isn't totally amazing and 'all that' but it is my work, my ideas and it makes me annoyed when I am on Pinterest and see my ideas copied to the point that it looks like it has almost been traced and even my photographs with other people's names and websites on them. They don't have to talk about me but don't put your name on my property and make it yours!
I was on Pinterest yesterday and saw that more than one person had copied a pattern of mine or just placed their name on my photos again.
And here is what I found ...

I normally wouldn't share any photos with you but enough is enough.
There is a request on Todolwen in which it states not to copy or alter my photographs or designs/tutorials in full or part and that they are protected by copyright laws but some people just don't seem to understand. I have been in touch with one of the ladies from the above blogs and made her aware of where I stand with this and she has removed my work from her blog.
I am sorry for writing another post about this again but I just needed to get this off of my chest.
Thank you for 'listening' to my little rant.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. This is so common and sad. I think people are going to be less likely to share their DIYs, photos, patterns etc... On my Facebook page I have begun a list of sites that do this. Handimania is a huge FB site (over 400,000 likes) that is going to have a "real" site soon - handimania.com - and they've watermarked "discovered by Handimania" on collages of tutorials that they've stolen. On Buzzfeed I've found tutorials collaged together with 2 or 3 different watermarks! I'll add the above sites to my list of shame.

  2. I'm sorry you are having such problems again. One of my peeves is that people pin photos without linking to the original web page. For instance, you'll find the photo location, but not the blog/website. There is no easy way to figure out who the photo belongs to. Or, the photo on pinterest links to another pinterest site or to a tumblr.site. I'm not pinning anything, nor am I using my blog, but if I did, I would make sure that everything is linked to the original website.

    Well, good luck in figuring this out, again. Either people don't have a clue, or they just don't care.

    On another, nicer note... I was able to purchase one of your pincushions this weekend and I am thrilled! I can't wait to see it!

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. I am really sorry that this has happened to you again, but I am afraid that is just what Pinterest is, a huge invitation and free-for-all to break copyright laws all over the world. I know there are many many many of you who love it, but I don't pin because it just makes it too easy to break copyright laws and too difficult and time consuming to trace a particular photo back to the original owner in some cases. In my humble opinion, Pinterest should never have been allowed to get off the ground ( I know, sigh, can't be stopped ). It is easy enough to copy and paste a photo or tutorial into our own pic files on our computers, if we want it for reference, without spreading it all over the world.

  4. I totally agree with your comments. In fact I notified one of my favorite ETSY shops that it looked like someone had helped themselves to one of her images for sale, putting it in a collage "they" created. I thought it looked familiar because I had that very photo on my list. I purchased it from her along with several other vintage pictures and we had a chat about it all. She's now working on a watermark for her listings. I've never joined Pinterest, nor do I plan to. I agree with Lululiz...bit by bit artisans are finding out their work is no longer their own.

  5. Karen I'm so sorry that this has happened-- again. You are so kind and generous- always sharing your talents with everyone. That someone would misuse your generosity is so very wrong. (Of course-- none of this would be happening if you weren't so talented and so loved!!)

    I'm crossing my fingers that these folks will think twice before they misuse your gifts again.

    We all love you--

  6. When I had my store featuring my own designed carousels and my original paintings people would come in and photo my items, one person actually came with a tape measure and started measuring my carousels. I threw them out. I have always paid for an item if I wanted to use another designers idea and I always changed it up. Unfortunately the internet world of crafters do not hold to any ideals. Your pretties are so adorable. I am so thankful to all of the inspiring women out there who are willing to share their beautiful creative worlds with us and you are certainly one of them. Keep on keepin' on, chin up and take it as the ultimate compliment.

  7. It is just so sad when individuals do not understand that this is stealing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art in spite of this ignorance.

  8. I totally understand, Karen. I had one blogger/etsy seller completely copy my work and it was so stressful. And then, for some reason she just disappeared and I'm glad. It's pretty sad when friends tell you about people like that are copying your work and when you see it your heart sinks. This subject never goes away and if only the copy cats knew how disturbing they really are.

  9. It's truly unfortunate that uncreative people feel the need to steal from creative people. I would have no problem with you letting us know who they are - we can bombard them with complaints about stealing! It's happened to someone I "friend" on Facebook - we were able to embarass the person enough to get her to pull her stuff. If you find your things on ebay, etsy or sites like that, don't hesitate to report it to the "mother company" - they don't want that happening either and they can take action. As someone above mentioned, watermarks can help as well.

  10. Hello Karen,
    I understand where you are coming from. I am just learning all about copyright and Pinterest. I think it just got so popular so fast, bloggers didn't know what was proper and what wasn't. (and of course, there are some people who would knowingly just take, but most people do have a conscience). Pinning is too easy. I have decided that I only share images I know where they came from, with proper credit from now on.
    I am glad you are sharing how you feel about this. Lately I have been thinking about doing a post about it too. Thank you for being brave and for caring.