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Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Victoria Day!

Hello my dear friends,

I just wanted to wish all of you Canadians out there in blogland, facebook and all over the world ...

... Happy Victoria Day!

(Her Majesty Queen Victoria)

I hope you have a fun filled day with family and friends!
Many hugs,
Karen B.


  1. Thank you, Karen . . . and to you, too. Happy Day!

  2. I smile whenever I see a pic of Queen Victoria in all her ribbons, lace, taffeta....and her fan. Oh gosh, look at all those rings!

    I smile because I think of all us crafters and what we would/could do with such a stash of stuff :)

    Happy Victoria Day to all of us up here in Canada.

  3. Wat een beauty haha

    newe kaart zie mijn blog

    groetjes uit nat zeeland waar ook geen zomer is