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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Nest Has Arrived !

Hello my dear friends,

A few days before Easter I found a box on my doorstep and as soon as I saw that the sender's name was Vicki, I almost jumped for joy because I knew my nest was here!

I was so excited that I almost forgot to take photos! (Thanks Ashleigh for reminding me!)

I opened the box and ...

... slowly started looking at what was hiding under all the white tissue paper that had little nests stamped onto it and this is what I found apart from a lovely green bird tag ...

... my most amazing beautiful nest!

I carefully took it out of the box and followed Vicki's instructions and there is was ...

... in all it's beauty!
So many different fibres and colors ...

... where ever you look and ...

... I was wondering which one of them might have belonged to Vicki's Mama and in the future not only will I be thinking of Vicki when I look at my nest but also her Mama too.
And then two tiny eggs made of ceramic ~ perfect for this nest ...
... almost hiding away in the most softest wool ever with some feathers to keep them safe.

This is just beautiful!
Even Tugs had to take a closer look at it ~ I think he likes it!
The time I waited for this creation that my sweet friend Vicki made was more than worth it and I am beyond happy that it is now mine. I can't wait to see the next creation she will come up with. All I have to do now is find that special place for my nest in my home.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Vicki's nests are all so beautiful! Yours is really sweet. I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for it.


  2. vicki's nests are beyond beautiful! there are no words to describe their beauty!! she pours her heart and soul into each creation and the receiver of these amazing nests can't help but feel that love from her. i am blessed to have made those petite eggs for her. i am honored that she would allow me to be part of her amazing journey. i am sure you will cherish this gift.

  3. How beautiful and imaginative! Simply said...enchanting! And where is it that the rest of us can order one of Ms Vicki's creations???

  4. Magical! I have one of Vicki's autumn nests and love it! Yours is beyond gorgeous. Tugs might want to claim it as his own........

  5. Oh Karen-- you are so sweet to share your nest with your friends-- and it was MY pleasure to create this nest for you my friend. I love little Tugs-- he is just perfect for your new nest. Just so you know-- every single piece of lace in this nest came from my Mom's vintage collection-- the yarns are my own passion.

    That you love your nest means the world to me---

    Love you--

  6. Karen, this was like re-living opening my own beautiful nest last week. I love Michelle's sweet little eggs. This is the second nest I've gotten with her little creations in the nest. Vicki's nests are ALWAYS worth the wait.
    Thanks for all the great pictures.

  7. Vicki's nests are just spectacular. I adore all the creative work she puts into each and every one. I am happy and proud to own my nest. Your little Tugs is perfect for this beautiful nest. Creative Bliss...

  8. So completely gorgeois!
    I love Vicki's creativify!!!
    So beautiful and soft....
    Hearts to you!

  9. I received my nest the other day too!! Such wonderful work. I was so excited!!

  10. Vicki's work is always, always breathtakingly beautiful!!! I'm fortunate enough to own one of her nests as well. Your's is just gorgeous sweet Karen!! I absolutely love your little owl sitting inside as well. I hope you are doing so good, hugs and love, Dawn

  11. OMG Karen,
    That is the most beautiful nest Vicki has ever made. The owl is the perfect embellishment. I have mine, she's a couple of years old & I love her as much as the day she arrived.