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Monday, April 15, 2013

And Then Came The Rain ..

Hello my dear friends,

after a long winter and returning snow as soon as it was gone .. now we have rain! And a lot of it. We were actually under a 'rain warning' here in south-western Ontario for a few days last week which had already brought thunderstorms with it twice!

I think I have already mentioned this before that our property is the lowest on the block and that when it rains our backyard turns into a small lake pretty quickly and that is exactly what happened yesterday and not only once but twice ~ the water came and went away and then came again.

It tends to look like something I used to make as a small child ~ mud soup!
I am planning on picking all of these rocks up this summer and making some changes to our riverbed.

I always make sure these days that the storm drain isn't covered with twigs and branches so the water can drain fast again.
I am hoping to be able to change the situation though this year. My outdoor project for this summer is to build a sort of island so that the water can't gather there anymore and to lower the riverbed as well so that the water will flow away fast and hopefully not flood the back part of our backyard so badly anymore. A big project ...yes and I am planning to do it all on my own again. And I will share photos and keep you up to date on how things are coming on once I start.
Right now I am working on my 'to~do' list for this year and it is a long one. That means I will have much to write and share about over the next 8 months or maybe even longer. 
 And in the mean time I will see which little idea for a new creation I can come up with.
So ... stop by some time soon again!
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. I was thinking you could turn it into a frog pond!!!! Ha. Sounds like you're planning a lot of outdoor work. Guess last years project didn't turn you off of all that hard labor. Good luck. At least that water doesn't stay all summer, right???

  2. Seems this moist and rainy weather is all around the world. We in Croatia had the most rainy March ever - it rained for 24 days! Floods too but, thanks God not where I live. I worked in my garden for the first time this season, hard to believe but it was too wet to do anything. Good luck with your work.

  3. Sounds like a great project! I will enjoy following along.

  4. We too have had an extended cold wintry snow/rain this April. I'm enjoying the ducks and geese in the "pond" that has become out back yard but hoping it dries out. There is plenty of water nearby for our feathered friends to nest and where we can still watch them. Looking forward to your next creation (and hopefully some spring weather)!

  5. Karen,
    Do you ever have a frozen pond in the winter? That would be a sight to see! That amount of water in your yard twice in a day would be a little frightening! Aren't you glad that your "dry" creeks were there to help somewhat? I admire your tenacity. I need to get prepared to do ssome landscaping alone myself, unless I can bribe my son in law to help!
    Hugs to you! hope it's all dry soon!