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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A New Life As ..

Hello my dear friends,

who would have thought that yet again an old kitchen utensil could be given a new life as something totally different and also much prettier than before?!

I bought this vintage egg holder at a church sale a few years ago and ... 

 ... until a few days ago I had really no good idea to use it for but that has all changed now.
Together with vintage linen, pieces of tattered doilies, lovely crinkled seam binding and a sparkly button this little tarnished kitchen piece has now become a sewing room treasure.
I have taken many photos again so you don't miss a thing but there will be few words from me.
This is my latest creation ...
... a sewing room helper.





 I am so happy with the way this new creation turned out and I hope you are too. At one stage I was so stuck with how to embellish it I almost put it away again but then it all came together in the end.
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. This is beautiful. Persistence pays and in this case with something that is gorgeous.

  2. Hallo Karen
    Du hast immer so wunderbare grosse Ideen für die kleinen Dinge.
    Ich liebe Dein Blog!
    Viele Gruesse aus Koeln

  3. wow! stunning! i love the way you turn things into beautiful decorations :)
    have a nice day too!

  4. La transformación ha sido fantástica, me encanta, feliz semana:)

  5. Que dulce y que bonito se ve.
    Un nuevo uso, precioso. Felicidades.
    Un abrazo

    Love especially your old scissors - they look precious! Have a wonderful week

  7. this is just gorgeous! I love your beautiful treasure!

  8. What a talented and creative person you are...You can make ANYTHING beautiful! I can't wait to get your posts each time because I know there will be something else, made beautiful,by you. Keep up the good work! Marilyn Gray. msmarilyngray@yahoo.com

  9. What a brilliant idea Karen! I love the way you bent the top down so it could hold your beautiful scissors...truly inspired, and gorgeous!

  10. Could I have your imagination, please! You always amaze me with the beautiful things you make from simple items, Karen!

  11. This is fabulous!!! In the my mad and hectic world, I love to visit the quiet, creative serenity of yours!!

  12. Morning Karen, amazing, you are just amazing. Your attention to details is a true gift, along with your photos! Thanks for sharing. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

  13. Wow...another unique and lovely creation. Gorgeous

  14. Fabulous upcycle of an old utensil. Your vision is divine. Happy Creative Hearts...

  15. I truly admire and enjoy all of your work but
    this is just completely beyond amazing.
    I am in awe of your vision and creativity.
    Absolutely lovely piece.

  16. Your imagination is astounding. This is just precious..the things you come up with constantly amaze me.

  17. Oh I love it, it's gorgeous!What a idee !!!gr tanja

  18. This is wonderful! Your vision is amazing!!

  19. Absolutely stunning! I will be on the lookout for something similar so I can recreate it!

  20. I grew up with eating soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers as probably lot of Canadians did but I ha ve never seen one of these holders. I was amazed and what a beautiful job you have done with it.

    Wonderful piece.