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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Fright..

Hello my dear friends,

I am not sure if I told you that we had a new gas water boiler installed when we did our basement renovation. Ever since we did, I always thought I (at times) could smell a very light gas smell when I would enter the room where the boiler is but I wasn't sure because when the boiler was installed the company checked twice with a gas detector and said everything was in order. Well, it wasn't.

My daughter Caylagh called me downstairs in the early evening and said she thought it smelt like gas and it did but only very slightly so I thought I could leave it and call the gas company next day. I didn't wait that long. I called them out last night at 11 pm after I was sitting in our TV room and from where I sit the is a return vent about 4 feet away and suddenly I thought: 'Is that gas?' ..... and it was!
 Within 30 minutes somebody was here. The gentlemen checked everything with a gas detector and actually found a gas leak! He said it wasn't too bad but to be sure he would shut of the gas until the company that installed it could come back and fix the issue.
I am so glad I called. I don't even know why I thought of waiting, anything could have happened if enough gas had gathered in the basement room. Silly me ... you never mess with gas!
My day was going to be one at home. Maybe I could get something creative done whilst waiting for the gas guy to come. He did come quite early and now everything is fixed again and I am so happy.

I didn't stay in all day after all since there was no need to so I headed out with my older daughter again to the church sale that was still on and of course I couldn't leave without buying a few goodies which I will share with you soon.

Today my 'tree-man' is hopefully coming to take a look at our willow tree 'Salisbury'.
 When you have a tree as tall as ours it should be checked every two years for weak branches and other things to prevent anything happening and now is the right time of year. I hope he won't have to cut too much off of her.

And last but not least ..

.. we had a new little critter come to visit in our backyard.

I found this little green frog in our pool who needed a little help getting out so that's what I did.

Please do visit me soon again here at Todolwen I have more to share with you very soon.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Oh I love to see frogs in the Spring, a sure reminder of what's to come. Which brings me to another kind of reminder, we should all have our gas appliances - stoves, dryers, furnaces, etc. checked out at least once a year for leaks. So glad you didn't take any chances with your, Karen.

    Take care and carry on...shopping, crafting, designing.....lol.

  2. So glad everything turned out okay with the gas leak, yikes! Examining your tree to weed out dead branches is a good idea. I live in a wooded area and feel outraged as my neighbors cut out every tree in their front yard making a bald spot on our street--4 mature oak trees were felled to allow light for grass, it just ruined the whole street. The neighbor behind me took out two mature oaks to so he could drive a truck into his backyard to where a dying tree was to be cut down. Then he took out a huge pine for no apparent reason. Just makes me sick, out neighborhood seems to be more noisy without the insulation of the trees. Your little froggy friend is beautiful.

  3. Thankfully you and your daughter were on top of the gas smell and nothing desperate happened. I do hope your tree is doing well. How cute the little frog swimming. We have lots of frogs in our pond each year. I love seeing them. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  4. Not at all surprised a little froggy found his way to your yard. Thank goodness you didn't wait til morning to call about the gas smell.
    Interesting that it wasn't detected before by the company that did the work for you!!!! I would think the detectors would be pretty sensitive, even to a small leak. All's well that ends well (I guess).

  5. So glad you called and had the right folks come check the leak. Sweet frog as long as he stays outside!

  6. yeesh - so glad you called! That same thing happened to me once and I felt silly, especially after it turned out to be fine.... but the fellow told me you are always best to call and I understand that now.
    I am so glad all is well Karen!