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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Found Again ..

Hello my dear friends,

you know when you see something in an antique store and then when you want to go back to purchase it you can't find it again? Well that is what happened to me last year some time.

I was out and about and visited an antique store and saw these so cute little antique baby shoes in their little box and the tag on it said that they were over 90 years old. They were so neat but I wasn't really sure if I should buy them or not and when I decided to do so I couldn't find them again so I left that day without them ... until now.

A week or so ago my daughters and I visited the same antique store again and as I was browsing around there they were ... the little antique baby shoes! This time I didn't think twice but took them right away to make sure I wouldn't lose them again. And that is why I can share them with you today.

My little 90 year old baby shoes ...

... they are made from leather/fur and they have little ears!

Arent' they so cute?!
And that is not all I found that day ...
 ... some lovely lace, a pair of earrings and this beautiful cross that once belonged to a rosary.
But I still didn't stop there.
We headed to a thrift store afterwards where I was lucky to find ...

... some old doilies and ...

... some beautiful treasures in a $2 bag of white buttons.
No wonder we ladies love to shop ~ right girls?!
I already can't wait for the church sales this year to finally start ... can you?! 
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
 Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Those little bunny shoes are so so cute. I am so happy that you were able to snap them up second time around. There's nothing worse then the one that got away. These were obviously meant to be yours !

  2. You have found some wonderful treasures, but those little slippers are to die for!! Isn't it funny you couldn't find them.. I bet someone else picked them up, changed their mind and put them down somewhere else in the shop.

    Re: you previous posts about the nasty people out there taking credit for your work. A curse on them!!!!! That would really tick me off... I'm NOT a creative, well original creative person, and I look forward to you and others who post tutorials for the likes of me. I don't understand why it seems to be acceptable to a lot of people to take credit. I wonder if the whole Pinterest thing has made this issue more prominent? I've read others who've seen their work pinned without acknowledging where it originated from. Not fair people...and NO you're not offending anyone with bringing the issue to the attention of others who may not realize their own work as been hi-jacked. Wish you well with what appears to be an ongoing fight. Maybe all the watermarking etc. will make it more noticeable where/who created the tutorial.

  3. Those little bunny shoes are SO cute Karen - what a great find. I love the box too. You found some real great treasures. Love all the doilies too and the lace piece with the pin.

  4. what a treasure, so glad they found their way back to you. lovely buttons.
    have a great day.


  5. Oh Karen...the bunny slippers are just heavenly!!!! I'm so very glad you went back to get them!!! And your other treasures are wonderful as well...I always love it when you share you shopping finds! I'm so very glad that you straightened out the business about your stolen tutorial ~ you are always right to stand up for yourself!!!! Sending you hugs and love, Dawn

  6. Love your treasures, but what I REALLY love is bling, and those buttons are what captured my eye!

    Nice find, and going to be interested to see how you "employ" them.

  7. Awww, those little bunny shoes are just precious! Perfect find for an Easter vignette...with one of your little nests no doubt. Warm Hugs,

  8. Precious treasures and those little shoes were just meant to live with you. Blissful...

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