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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Final Update ... Not Again..

Hello my dear friends,

firstly thank you for all you kind words and support ~ you are all so sweet and amazing and yet again you have all touched my heart so much.

To give you a short update on this and I hope this will be the final update on this matter ... the lady has now taken her name off of my photographs. She has still left my tutorial on her blog, but now added where the tutorial can be found on Todolwen.

Do I feel a little better? ... a tiny bit only.

So far my tutorial has been copied off of her site over and over, again and again on to other blogs and if I read correctly over 500 times already all with her name on it and it has been pinned over at least 380 times with her name on it as well so, that's why I am still unhappy.
My next step is to e-mail her and make it clear in writing that she is not permitted to copy anything what so ever off of Todolwen again and display it on her blog.
Will it help ... I don't know. I will have to wait and see.
That is all on this matter for I hope a very long time.
Many, many hugs to all of you lovely bloggers.
Karen B.


  1. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. :-/

  2. I am glad that you have done something about it and that this person has (hopefully) seen her wrongdoing and will stop! Life is too short to spend too much time worrying on somebody like her. Sadly, she is the one who really is missing out. I am so sorry that you have had to deal with this twice lately. Hopefully this will stop! Blessing and smiles.

  3. I just did a search on your Flutter-by photo. I came across a pinterest site that seemingly doesn't allow comments. (Or else, I don't have a clue how to make a comment). Anyway, if I come across sites with the forged tutorial, I will comment if I can.

    Interesting to see the comment above from the woman who started all of this. I hope she understands how she has harmed you and your art.

  4. I sincerely hope that this reaches other bloggers who claim another's work as their own.It is theft, plain and simple. Give credit where credit is due and try tapping into your own creativity. Many hundreds of people have been duped into unknowingly participating in this one persons dishonesty!

  5. That is so slimy. I've mostly stopped following blogs that just show pins and other uncredited photos. BTW, you can ask Pinterest to remove the pins. Cite the copyright violation and they should comply.

  6. how sad that this happens. i'm sorry for your hurt and frustration. it is simply not "right." but, rest assured, that people like her will meet with the "same" some day. karma....

  7. Perhaps because she lives in Russia she thought you would never know, but we can travel anywhere in an instant via the internet. I find tutorials I've written/photographed showing up in craft blogs all over the world - some without credit.
    Hopefully, she (http://marrietta.ru) is sincere now about not doing it again!
    ~ Zuzu

  8. Ohhhh.....looks like she apologized HERE! wow, that hopefully means something.....