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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Always On The Lookout ..

Hello my dear friends,

I am always on the lookout to try and learn something new when it comes to being creative and that is what I did over the weekend apart from many other things ~ I was very busy. Sometimes all it takes is me seeing a photograph of something and being so inspired that I just have to try it out, and I mean right away!

 I was browsing the internet and came across a photo of a little bag that was embellished with silk ribbon roses and that was it ~ I was taken!

Of course as impassioned as I am there was no way I could wait until Monday morning to go out and try and find silk ribbon so I headed into my studio on search for anything I could use and what did I see ... my seam binding! No wonder I love Hug Snug ~ It is one of those things that is versatile and in my case there when I need it. An embroidery frame, scissors, needles and thread and a few other bits and I was ready to start.

After looking at a diagram that showed how you make the rose I attempted my first one.
And this is it ...
... my first ever embroidered seam binding rose!
I actually like it too and after my first attempt of course the second one wasn't far away ...

... and this is it.
This time I used a small piece of an old doilie to embroidered smaller seam binding roses on too.
My roses were just shouting out to be embellished with a few vintage pearls and then they were completed and ready to bloom and the best part of them is ... they might not be perfect and as beautiful as many on the internet but I like them!
And I already know exactly what I am going to us these two little creations for ... to make two more  creations with them. What ... no, not telling you that little bit just yet.
Why not pop back soon ... let's say ... tomorrow and then you will be able to see my newest creations then.
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Whoa! see this is why i am so glad I found your blog and then was smart enough to follow via email. so I don't miss the cool stuff like this.. just wish I knew how to make these roses. I have all the stuff... and I cannot wait to see your creations with these lil lovelies... <3

  2. So pretty Karen, I always get so scared to start this and when I do it, I am really amazed at how beautiful they turn out. Yours are gorgeous, and it reminds me to ahve more faith in myself...I look forward to tomorrows post!
    Hearts to you,

  3. Nice job!!! Ribbon roses and flowers are such fun to make....try the leaves too, buds and berries!!!!!

  4. Really pretty. I love the pearls as centers. And the seam binding worked just fine! Can't wait to see what you will do with your flowers.

  5. wonderful sweet girl.

    Where were the instructions?? I might have to try this myself.
    Are they called ribbon roses???

    Of course I love my tea bag roses, but since they are just thin paper they are not indestructible. Ribbon would be a lot better...

    blessings and thanks for yet another great idea.


  6. PS What is the light color of your two ribbons? Not one made into roses, but other pictured.


  7. Oh Karen....the roses turned out so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I just love that you used the seam binding to create them!! I hope you are doing so good dear friend ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  8. That's so inspiring Karen - I love seam binding and it's made such adorable little roses.
    I'll be back tomorrow to see what you've done with them!!
    Shane ♥

  9. For the first ever....they are beautiful. Looks like fun too!

  10. Hi Sweet Friend,
    I think your little roses are perfect. They remind me of a book I have about ribbonwork, where you embroidery with ribbon and beads. Lovely. Your picture also reminded me that I need to put in an order for Hug Snug, like you I love that stuff. Wish I could afford every color.
    PS I guess everyone already told you that you are looking for tatting. Love the little circles you cut from that yardage. I always hunt for it too:)

  11. Oh my...how wonderful!! I love silk ribbon roses but never thought of using seam binding...what a super idea!! The colors available from Hug Snug are so much better for the vintage look than I can find in silk ribbon. Thank you for sharing. Will be back tomorrow!!

  12. Para ser las primeras te han quedado perfectas. Y con las perlas ,divinas.

  13. I have just discovered your blog!! How exciting. Love your felted nest and all the projects I have seen.

  14. That is so beautiful, dear Karen! I've always wanted to try... I'm sure you'll do wonders using this technique!
    Love the silk ribbon you used.

  15. don't you love it when you can shop your own stash and find exactly what you need? That's why I hate to ever get rid of anything! LOL Lovely flowers!

  16. Oooooh, I'm picturing them on a "heart-felt". Karen you're such a tease making us wait til tomorrow :)

  17. Oh, you are amazing...I have tried the ribbon flowers like this and I have to tell you, it is so rewarding when they turn out. Yours are so pretty. I cannot live without my snug hug ribbon, it's that good!!!

  18. Love them!You are so inspiring!Hugs,Jen

  19. They are so very beautiful, and I love the tone of the seambinding, Karen.
    I think I may give it a try one day.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  20. Great job. I love to do embroidery also and I recently saw some of these rosettes too on the internet. I am going to give it a whirl, but it is not at the top of my "to do" list. Ha!

  21. How very clever of you to use the seam binding. Your roses are beautiful. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  22. Hi Karen, well, I will wait for your instructions as your little seam binding flowers are perfect! I have tried making them with various ribbons and mine just do not turn out. So, I will patiently wait for your info. Love the pearls in the center. Blessings and smiles, Emilou p.s. still crazily crocheting your little flowers and I have even done a couple of your flutter-bys.