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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Little 'Flutter~By' ~ A Tutorial

Hello my dear friends,

this past Sunday morning was not very nice when it came to the weather. We had quite a storm that started in the middle of the night which woke me up at 4.15 am and kept me up for a few hours. Fortunately everything went well the rest of the night/early morning but we still had high wind warnings all day. So... what does a girl do when there is no point heading outside? ... she makes a new tutorial to share with her lovely, sweet and thoughtful bloggers! And that is what I did.

I love my tiny crochet little flowers and my modest violets a lot because of their beauty and because they are so quick and easy to make and they can be used in so many ways. That's why I thought that it would be nice to create something little that will be perfect to pair up with either of them and that would be ... a little crochet butterfly. After a few tryouts and one of them went terribly wrong, I was happy with the look of the little flying fellow that I created and I was ready to share him with you and here he is ...
... my little 'Flutter~By'.
You will need the same things as if you were crocheting my tiny flower or the modest violet ...

~ a crochet hook ~ I used a 1 mm hook 
~ crochet yarn that is right for the strength size for the size of hook
~ scissors
~ a black marker (I will show  you what for further down)
...that's all!

The little butterfly is very easy to make and it is again only one row.
 I have given you the instructions in the written form and again as a chart so you may pick which one you prefer to use. 

And this is how you make the little critter ...

... make a magic ring leaving a little tail, it will be needed later.

Now crochet the following into the ring ...

... 6 chain stitches, 1 double treble, 2 treble, 1 double crochet, 3 chain stitches, one slip stitch ...

next ...
3 chain stitches, 1 double crochet, 1 treble, 4 chain stitches, 1 slip stitch ...

now ...
4 chain stitches, 1 treble, 1 double crochet, 3 chain stitches, 1 slip stitch ...

and finally ...
3 chain stitches, 1 double crochet, 2 treble, 1 double treble, 6 chain stitches, 1 slip stitch ...
and that is it!!

Leaving a thread 'tail' for pulling ~ cut your thread now. 
 Take both of your thread 'tails' and pull them very tight to make the butterfly form.
Then tie a knot in the thread 'tails' and pull very tightly again ...
... then cut them off short leaving about half an inch. These are now your little critter's antennae.

This is a neat little butterfly ~ just over the size of a penny.
And this is where a black marker might come in handy.
If you prefer your little flutter~by to have black antennae ...  
... then using your marker, very carefully dye them black but make sure you don't get too close to the body so that you don't accidentally mark it.

And that's all that's to it ... you are done! 
I decided to use a small earring as the butterflies body, but you can use anything you would like really or leave it just as it is. I hope you have enjoyed my latest tutorial ~ it was really neat to make it!
It is so nice when you stop by here at Todowlen and visit me, so maybe I will see you here soon again.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Karen, that is just adorable!! You did a lovely job on that little critter...I've got to try some of those. I have a rose that I love to crochet, and they need some butterflies to keep them company this spring.
    As always, a great lovely post, and thank you so much for sharing such a sweet project!

  2. I read your blog every time you post - one of the few where I read DIY and not DIY posts. Thank you so much for posting the pattern and tutorial for this adorable butterfly. I always read every bloggers' sharing/copyright policies before posting on my Tumblr blog. I've posted two finished butterfly photos and a link back to your blog on my blog www.truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com I also posted your bookpage origami butterfly a while back (one photo and a link back to you) and it's still really popular and a recent comment from a reader was, "This is maybe the beautifulest thing I’ve ever seen." High praise on Tumblr.

  3. Absolutely Fantastic.Can't wait to have a try.Thank you so much for your Tutorials,I Love them.


  4. Wow, thank you for this sweet critter post. I had to sit here and give it a try while I had your post open. I DID IT.

    Thank you for this sweet tutorial.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  5. Oh so sweet and easy...thanks for sharing:)

  6. This little butterfly is so pretty! Thank you so much for sharing the instructions - I look forward to making it!
    ~ Zuzu

  7. So very dainty and pretty. Wish I croched, but only so I could make this.

  8. Thanks
    The tutorial is great....saved the instructions...will teach my granddaughter this weekend.

  9. These are just so sweet, thanks for sharing and your instructions are great.

  10. I love it! When my hands unfreeze (-17 here) I am going to make one for one of my sisters! Thank you!

  11. Your little "Flutter-By" is precious. My Grandma used to crochet some of these and I wished I would have learned from her. Thank you for sharing your tutorial. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  12. Thank you Karen, for your well wishes, so very kind of you!
    Your butterfly is the sweetest thing,thankyou for the tutorial.

  13. Absolutely Beautiful ...just right for putting onto cards ...thanks...!!!

  14. So precious! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Ines / E. Blumenstengel

  15. Karen- I am in love with your precious little flutter by-- if only I could crochet!! These are beyond precious!!

  16. I love these! Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

  17. J adore ces papillons merci beaucoup

  18. these are so sweet i just got some yarn today that would be perfect for this project YAY!!

  19. Hi Karen, I just made your flutter-by and wow, you really have good eyesight, as my thread is #10 and my hook is 1.5. They are just so cute, and your instructions are perfect!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings and smiles, Emilou P.S. I also made your violets. What wool yard to you use as they are kind of 'fluffy'?? Thanks

  20. Thanks for this little cutie. I have been making your wee flowers, too!
    Anni Handgathered

  21. Simple and wonderful... I can't wait to make some to celebrate spring, thank you so much!

  22. Is so pretty! thank!
    I love your blog <3
    Hugs from Chile.


  23. Just found your lovely little 'Flutter~By' the other day while searching for motifs, fell in love right away! I dyed some size 30 thread this morning and crocheted two so far, will make more as they are so SO beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

  24. Hi, just been given your blog details by Wendy. What a cute butterfly and so easy i think my limited skills could cope.

    Val in Spain xxx

  25. Hi found your beautiful butterfly via some pintrest boards - will be giving it a try - love the wing shapes.

  26. I made them with thick multi coloured thread and I'm happy with the result.


    Thanks for the clear instructions. Lovely.

  27. Milá Karen, moc ma mrzí, že som na svojom blogu zverejnila nepravdivého autora. Chybu napravím. Som rada, že si napísala a ja som si mohla pozrieť tvoj pekný, kreatívny blog. Prajem pekné leto, Hela

  28. Such a sweet little creature - my garden was full of them yesterday! I've an idea to make a flight (is that the right word?) of butterflies to crochet into a garland. Thank you for the pattern.

  29. Que absurdo, não é Truebluemeandyou ? Foi bom você avisar, para que possamos observar. Tem muita gente capaz disso mesmo!

  30. I am a year late but so glad I found your blog. Your creations are wonderful.

  31. Wow, it looks great and very simple. I am learning to crochet and I will try this tonight. Thank you for this tutorial.
    Hugs from Bulgaria :)

  32. Very pretty butterfly - beautiful website! Thanks so much for the pattern!

  33. These are beautiful, I cant wait to try them out.. thanks so much for sharing your patterns with me... :)

  34. pinning this for you to give you credit for the butterfly and its pattern. super cute!!

  35. These are the cutest butterflies! I will be making them to give to friends and add to my handmade cards. Thank you for sharing!

  36. Thank you for posting this.. These are the best ones ive seen and they worked up just like the pattern ...Very easy and fun to make.. Thank you again..

  37. what is a magic ring?? cant start to make one till I know what a magic ring is!

    1. If you go onto Youtube and type in how to make a magic ring, you will find short videos that can explain it and teach you how to do it. Hope this helps.
      Karen B.

  38. These are so cute! I plan to try making them out of hand spun yarn made from my dog.