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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Little Part Of The Pink Scarf Project ..

Hello my dear friends,

I am finally finished with my next gifts for Vicki's ~ 2 Bags Full ~ 'Pink Scarf Project". I know I should have worked on this earlier but it seems with everything happening here with the renovations I didn't get to do so but now they are done.

  I had sent off my first scarf weeks ago right after it was finished. In the beginning I worked non~stop on my next ones and then nothing until these past days and the only thing I had to do is embellish them.

 At first I was only going to add some of my little crochet flowers but now I also added one of my new little 'flutter~bys'. I read that the symbolic meaning of the butterfly is ... the soul, lightness, celebration, transition and resurrection which is so perfect for this creation!

Not only have I finished the the first one ... 
... but the second one is completed too ~ not exactly the same but still scarf sisters. Very soon they will be on their way to sweet Vicki.
And last but not least ...
... this is one of our cats Alexia ~ she loves to be close to me almost all of the time.
This time she decided to sleep on my photo taking area just as I was going to take some new photos to share with you but I just couldn't make myself wake her up and move her away, so the photos will have to wait a little longer.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Your scarf looks so soft and feminine - very pretty, it's for such a good cause too - I am going back to take a look at the original post on 2 bags full. Betty

  2. Karen -- this scarf is absolutely beautiful--I love the addition of the little flowers and your precious little flutter by. Thank you so much for your support of this project and your donation of these precious gifts. I have a post going up on Friday showcaseing the most recent donations -- these scarves will make the next showcase post. All of the sarves I have received ao far - including your last beautiful donation -- will be added to my Pinterest Board later this week - I created a beautiful Board there for all of the donations.

    You are so very talented - and so generous and giving -- we are all so blessed to be a little part of your life in that you share your talents with us.

    I have your email -- and will get back to you soon -- xoxo

  3. Your pink scarves are beautiful and created with so much love and hope and heart. The addition of your little flowers and flutter-by are perfection. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  4. Ohhhh you're so beautifully colour coordinated! Absolutely perfect match - the yarn, flowers, flutter-bys and pearls. Beautiful.

    And BTW, I have one of those same family members who picks out their "perfect" spot, often right in the middle of a newspaper I'm reading lol.

  5. They are beautiful, and thanks for sharing the story of your flutter-bys, the symbolic meaning of the butterfly. Is your thread verigated color or did you dye this too? I have gotten your instructions and hope to be making some soon. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The scarves are so beautiful Karen. I do the same with my cats, I hate disturbing any of them when they're content.

  7. Another beautiful scarf Karen. The flutter-bys are a perfect embellishment. Your pink color choices have been just yummy.