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Monday, October 1, 2012

At Last ...

Hello my dear friends,

I have been keeping a little secret from all of you and I am so excited that I can share it with you today at last!  It has almost been like just before Christmas ~ there is a present waiting for you but you are not allowed to open until a certain day.

Several months ago I received an e-mail from the editor of the magazine 'Stitch, Craft, Create' ~ which is a newer magazine ~ asking me if I was interested in designing something including the how~to for their Christmas issue.

I was published once many years ago in the magazine 'Country Marketplace' which was one of the best crafting magazines in the States in those days. I never after that thought really about being published again so of course I was over the moon that I had been asked and after a short thinking period I said yes (the thinking period was me being worried if I could come up with a creation good enough and on time and so forth ... I am a born worrier you know!)

Looking through my studio with all it's bits and piece I found something that caught my eye and it gave me the idea for my creation.

This is what I picked to work with ... the larger matchbox of the two.
I wanted to create something that was fairly easy and wouldn't cost too much money for anybody to recreate and it should look very pretty ~ I think pretty was my main aim since it is for Christmas. Looking at it I think I succeeded with my creation. Shannon Miller, the editor of  'Stitch,Craft, Create' was very happy with it as well and that's why it is now published!!

And here it is my published creation ...

'One The First Day Of Christmas'

These were two of the photos I sent in to Shannon, the editor.
The newest cover of the Christmas issue of Stitch,Craft, Create.
The magazine will be on the stands now in October!!
 And this is how my creation has been published ...

I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas creation. I am so very happy with it.

And last but not least ...

 I would like to thank all of you lovely bloggers out there for all of your kind and sweet words about my creations. You have all touched my heart since day one and it means so very much to me. Dear Dawn from The Feathered Nest and Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered, dear friends, thank you for your advice when I needed it and believing in me and my work ~ you are two very special ladies and I am so happy that you are in my life.
Whenever you have a moment why not stop by here at Todolwen again some time.
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind dear friends,
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Woohoo, thats brilliant, congratulations! I am thrilled to bits for you, how exciting to see your gorgeous creations in print! Love the matchbox and the tag of course. x

  2. Karen, this is such exciting news!! Congratulations! Your matchbox and tag are wonderful.
    I love visiting your blog...thanks so much for all the inspiration you share!

  3. this is incredibly wonderful and so very, very christmassy.... congrats my dear friend; your creativity is only surpassed by your enthusiasm to share your beauties.
    wishing you a happy pre-christmas-period!! ok, i'm only joking - let's have an indian summer first... :)

  4. DEar Karen,

    Congratulations on being published! Your altered project is beautiful. Thank you for inspiring all of us and encouraging us to create. Can't wait to get the magazine.

  5. Karen,
    Thank you for the hours of inspiration I've gotten from your beautiful blog & creations! You have an amazing style that is all your own. When I picked up the SCC mag & came to the page I instantly knew it was you without looking! So proud for you dear friend.

  6. Oh, Karen! I was absolutely wowed when I saw your creation and then to be published, well, congratulations to you, my dear Karen. You have earned it my friend and your natural talent and perseverence has paid off. So wonderful to know someone like you. Thanks for your many inspirations along the way. Judy

  7. YAAAAAY!!!! I KNEW your creation would be absolutely beautiful and it IS!!! They've presented wonderfully too! I'm SO very happy for you sweet friend, you deserve this so much. Seems we all need a gentle push every now and then too :) Everything you make is so gorgeous, I'm just so glad to see something you've made in print! Sending you love and big ol' hugs dear Karen, Dawn

  8. Congratulations and what an honor. Your work is all worth publishing...not surprised someone asked you for a contribution. And what a beautiful contribution you created..it's magical. The article looks wonderfully done.. will have to look for this publication. Again.. congrats.

  9. I just found your blog this morning through Jillayne's blog A Fine Seam. I will be back to be inspired by more of your beautiful creations.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  10. Oh so cool, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  11. How wonderful and your projects are lovely! congratulations

  12. Oh Karen-- your creation is absolutely exquisite! That matchbox is truly a treasure-- and it looks stunning on the pages of the magazine-- actually its just magnificent!

    Congrats on your well deserved accolades-- you must be SO excited! I'm so so happy for you!