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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When In Doubt ...

Hello my dear friends,

as promised in my last post here is another new making of mine. Again I used something from my latest findings to create something new and of course it did turn out to be another pincushion again ~ nothing new there really is it? (I just can't help myself!) When in doubt ... make a pincushion ~ it works for me!

This time I picked two old tarnished pieces to work with to create one new creation.


I am not sure what this used to be ... I just love the look of it!
Anyways ... this project needed a very good glue and boy it glued OK .. almost twice were my fingers stuck together!! But the one thing I hate is when you are gluing something and it needs to be held together for a while so it can set ... it's like watching paint dry ... right up there. After 5 minutes my fingers were starting to get unhappy so I needed to find a solution which I did in the form of elastic bands!! I remembered that when I work with old wooden boxes that needed holding together I used large elastics so I was sure normal office supplies would do the trick here and they did!! 
It didn't look too nice at that point but that would change soon and my fingers were happy again. 
The fabric I used for this pincushion is silk noil which is raw silk. It is made from the fibres that are leftover from making silk. It is such a lovely fabric with many tiny bumps and I am planning to use it in future makings of mine again.

 The final touch came in the shape of my tiny crochet flowers that were embellished with vintage little pearls.
All together my tarnished pieces, the silk noil and my little flowers turned into this ...
... my newest pincushion!
My daughter Ashleigh said it reminds her of a beautiful church roof with all the pretty details and looking at it I can see why. 

It is nice to be able to fall back onto old ideas from time to time and by using different bits and pieces together you can create something new every time.
 I will have to see what I can come up with next and until then ...
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B,


  1. I LOVE your pincushions...you've come up with some great vintage what nots to make them from. This one is so unique and so lovely. I'll have to look into getting some of that silk fabric...looks wonderfully vintagey. You have inspired me to make pincushions. I've been hunting and gathering items, just need to get busy and make some.

  2. I think this has got to be my favourite pincushion so far. I love the shape of it. Darn, girl, you are amazing.

  3. WONDERFUL! It DOES look like a church roof...a very beautiful church roof!

  4. I love this new pin cushion, so cute. I think the round metal piece is from an old doorbell.

  5. Oh, this pincushion is so wonderful...I love it!
    It does look like a church roof...lovely.