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Friday, October 12, 2012

I Have Been Waiting For This All Year ..

Hello my dear friends,

I told you in my last post that I really like milkweed seedpods and you might think this is weird but I have been waiting for this all year now ... the ripening of the milkweed seedpods. And on my Thanksgiving walk I got the chance to harvest some of them.

 I found quite a few closed pods still but I didn't take all I found so the other seeds would be able to grow next spring for future Monarch butterflies.
Now the seed pods are in my kitchen, slowly drying and very slowly opening ...
... waiting for me to gather them up so I can store them ...

... in my old mason and ball jars for now.
These seeds are so beautiful!!

I have an idea and I it in my mind right now in which I would love to use some of  these seeds for. I am not sure if it will work or not so I am not going to tell you more just yet. First I will try it out and hopefully it will turn out the way I envision it and then of course I will share my creation with you. For today I would love to share a few lovely images of milkweed seeds from an old Disney Christmas cartoon.
  ~  Milkweed Fairies ~

Don't these fairies just look so beautiful? Even as an adult I just sit and watch this old cartoon in a dream like state just like I used to do as a child. We used to own it years ago but thankfully there is YouTube now so I can always find it there.
And last but not least ...
... this is what actually is on my work table at the moment. Lots of lovely wool in autumn colors. My current project is new felted nests. Not too sure what they will look like because when you felt them they look different as before. Well I will just have to wait and see how they turn out. Hopefully I will be able to share them with you soon.
I would love to see you soon again some time here at Todolwen.
I hope you are well and live is treating you kind dear friends,
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. In Italy it is called "Asclepias syriaca" and I too had made ​​a post because I really like.


  2. Oh Karen, the seed pods are just beautiful to me!!!! As are the seeds...just gorgeous. I love elements of nature ~ and I can't wait to see what you'll create with them. The yarn is beautiful as well! Wishing you a wonderful weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  3. Funny Karen, I too have seed pods drying and just starting to open. Mine though are to spread in the spring to replace milk weed that was mowed down, giving the monarchs a chance. I'm intrigued to find out what you're going to create! Something wonderful no doubt!!

  4. Love these pretty milk weed pods and the seeds truly look like floating fairys in pretty ball gowns.

  5. I used to gather milkweed pods, but kept on the stems, and then sprayed with hairspray (when it was full of lacquer) so they wouldn't open and send those seeds all over the house!!! It wasn't something my father would have appreciated... as a child, along with two of my brothers, we walked the looooong rows in the cornfields of our farm in Iowa, pulling milkweeds out. There must have been plenty that weren't pulled as we had plenty of monarch butterflys around. Never thought of those seeds as floating fairies. I'm sure you'll create something magical.

  6. Hi Karen --
    The milkweek seeds are truly dreamlike-- I cant wait to see what you might do with them. Those old Disney frames are beautiful -- it is amazing what animation is made from in real nature--

    The photos of your yarns have me totally jealous -- the colors are magnificent!


  7. Gosh, they are weird looking things, those seed pods. But those dreamy fluffety seeds are just gorgeous. Must find out whether they grow over here as well, I have not seen before.